Acute Financial Stress


What therapist Ryan Howes calls AFS(Acute Financial Stress) is the financial equivalent of PTSD and with equally deleterious health and pyschological consequences. The PHD speaks of 20 somethings laboring under the onerous responsibility of SIX FIGURE  DEBT and many sleepless nights.

He also alludes to how infrequently people talk about their finances and how  American culture almost encourages the shame and secrecy mindset towards those underwater with regard to their financial affairs.  How many times have you asked your friends or families how they are doing and get a shrug along with a phrase like “money is tight” or “those friggin bills just keep adding up”?
So you might reply with a typical bromide like “hang in there” or “keep your chin up”, BUT now due to the insights and research of therapist par excellence Ryan Howes, you might now recognize this as pleas for help and assistance for loved ones who are too proud to ask for it!
Tangentially, Craig Molldrem, CLU, ChFC writes thoughtfully on medical student  loan forgiveness that can potentially eradicate mountains of AFS inducing debt!

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  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to the existence of the malady AFS. I think around 25% of my friends and family have it! All joking aside, being aware that it ranks in severity with PTSD, should lead to improvements and better understanding and sensitivity to those who are in financial distress and afraid or ashamed to talk about it or share with those that love them!!

    Am I the only one who found it odd that Robert C. Kersting,A. Hegji, and E.J. Heisler espouse Student Loan Forgiveness in Return For College Teaching? Kersting seems to be advocating reduction of student loan debt in return for teaching college courses. Let’s get this straight…….a college teacher is supposed to be wise enough to have NOT incurred enormous debt….so his students find out he is only teaching them because he wants minimize the cost of his poor decision making in applying for loans he could not afford…..Like the blind leading the blind.

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