Choice of Career


Last summer I was on the NYC subway headed back to the Winthrop station. Most of the time subway passengers mind their own business and keep their heads down while waiting for their destination.

Today was different as I was seated across from a young man who was extremely excited about something. He seemed eager to share and as I made eye contact he said¬†“how has your day been sir?”. During the course of the conversation, I learned he had just finished up his training in culinary arts at the South Bronx Job Corps.

He had flunked out of High School and been through some tough times before being accepted at the Job Corps free of charge at age 21. The young black man was excited because he had not only finished his education, but Job Corps was also active in helping him find a job as, I believe, a chef assistant.

This young man’s moment of impact was the life changing choice of joining the Job Corps which gave him a much better opportunity to find a decent job with good benefits and wages. Sometimes the only thing that separates one from homelessness and a warm place to live is a single choice.



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