College Or NOT

Jaw shattering Impact
Jaw shattering Impact

Dave Swink wrote a letter to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record that could potentially have a momentous effect on the career paths of young people. He observes that only about 15% of high school graduates should go to college. Mr Swink also points out that thousands of college graduates work as grocery store sackers or in fast food places. Swink, a former volunteer at the UFO museum managed by Julie Shuster , possesses a common sense that the younger generation may never acquire.

His letter suggests that far too many high school and college students are pushed through the system and issued meaningless degrees. In some other countries, “academically weak” students are identified early and switched to some type of vocational educational track.

Why is this such a moment of impact? Some people are not wired to understand or like trig or algebra. Maybe these folks would better suited to be an electrician, plumber, or a carpenter. Places like the Job Corps train people for vocational careers while also issuing High School Diplomas or GEDs.

Getting people on the right track as early as possible, rather than have them sit through  4 unfulfilled years of college, would combat the income inequality issues that exists in the United States.



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  1. Is the job corps considering closing or shutting its doors permanently in Roswell? With all the proposed budget cuts, this is certainly a legitimate concern. It is very unlikely that the Roswell,nm job corps center will close. It has been functioning since 1979 while serving kiddos from abysmal family lives. Many of the kids do not leave the job corps even during Xmas or thanksgiving breaks since they can not go home to their drug addict parents.

    1. There has been a ripple of interest in some sort of reunion of Roswell job corps graduates in the years 1980 , 1982 , 1984 , 1979 , and 1986. It could be as simple as meeting at cattlemans steak house and can be for anybody who attended, not only graduates.

  2. Dave Swink also wrote that not a single business along north main lost a single dollar during the oppressive, wreck-causing road repair construction. I need some of what Dave smokes because many families stayed home rather than get out during that mess. Businesses always lose money during construction.

    1. Velma A. Karr of Artesia should not have wasted space in RDR letter section to refute the position of Dave Swink. Anybody who judges a person based on tattoos should never be engaged as an intelligent person. He proved that with his erroneous price of bacon remark.

    2. Self important and egotistical Dave Swink is all bummed out about the abolition of contractions. Poor Dave is pedantic and likely does not have too much native intelligence. He went to pieces in his letter to the editor about you being erroneously used in lieu of you’re.

      Swink had to be that English teacher from hell who did not retire soon enough!

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