Delete Facebook Account


Why was the message “Your account has been deactivated” the best news I had received all day? Because I had finally figured out how to cancel my Facebook account. I guess the next question is why would the deletion of a Facebook account be a moment of impact?

Simple enough to answer that one….. every time I turn around, a coach is resigning because of inappropriate contact with a student or a teacher is being suspended or fired for the consequences of friending a student.

Deactivating my Facebook account was not a simple task. I was told many of my friends would miss me and given one last opportunity to communicate with them. I had to specifically describe why I was cancelling account. My explanation of “none of your business” was accepted.  The CAPTCHA, that you have to type in to convince Facebook you are a person and not a machine, was particularly difficult to read. No surprise here….Facebook understandably wants to make it hard for you to cancel.

BTW, you can get started deactivating your Facebook account by going to settings. I only hope this Farmers life insurance salesman in Roswell,New Mexico will delete his Facebook account for posting tasteless and unprofessional advertisements that indicate he really does not care about seving the community.