Detroit Job Corps Issues and Concerns


All institutions, families, corporations, governments, etc. have their dirty little secrets. Everybody knows what I mean: The problem child, The bully coworker, The career politician who does not really care about the people he is supposed to represent, The CEO who raids pension funds ………….

The Job Corps in Detroit is no different in this regard, but their mission of training underprivileged youth is admirable and worth sustaining. Providing vocational training and High School Diplomas to young adults from destitute and poverty-stricken families is meritorious and should be a government-funded function.  However being a government-funded entity, the Job Corps is subject to federal inspections to assure they are in compliance with safety , health, and cleanliness standards.

Key for parents who are reviewing any place for the training and boarding of their kiddos is do they trust the staff and the security measures. Concerned parents can go to the Job Corps web site for a review of the crime and safety statistics. Large cities like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Pittsburg receive a lot of criticism for violence in their schools, but much smaller towns like Roswell,NM and their Job Corps struggle with crime, violence and racial tension.

To rear a child properly in these troubled times ranks as one of the most challenging tasks that one can take on. Job Corps can help to relieve some of the pressure on parents with regard to finding the best path for their troubled teens.

What follows is a list Violations that the Job Corps in Detroit, Michigan was cited for back in 2009. Some of the violations are designated as critical such as the dishes were not being properly sanitized automatically which requires that all dishes are cleaned by hand!

Violation (Critical)
The drain line of the food preparation sink at the salad station isn’t air gapped. Provide an air gap of twice the diameter of the line or not less than one inch, in order to prevent backsiphonage.
Problems Not provided
Corrections Provide.
Items Backflow prevention Air gap
Violation (Critical)
Dishes aren’t being sanitized, due to the failure of the dishwasher to dispense sanitizer into the final rinse cycle. Until repairs are made, sanitize all dishes by hand.
Problems Not sanitized
Corrections Equipment/utensils must be sanitized after cleaning.
Items Clean utensil(s) and food-contact surface(s)
Product is stored on the floor in the dry storeroom. Store all product at least 6 inches above the floor, in order to prevent contamination.
Problems Stored on floor or less than 6 inches above floor
Corrections Store at least 6 inches above the floor.
Items Food item(s) in storage
The dishwasher isn’t dispensing sanitizer into the final rinse cycle. Have it repaired; dishes must be sanitized as the last part of the dishwashing process.
Problems In poor repair
Corrections Repair/replace.
Items Equipment
There is no handwashing soap at the handwashing sink at the grill. Approved handwashing soap must be available for use at this location at all times.
Problems Not provided At hand sink
Corrections Provide
Items Soap
There are no hand-drying towels at the handwashing sink at the grill. Approved hand-drying towels must be available for use at this location at all times, in order to prevent the use of unacceptable items, such as cloth towels, aprons or clothing.
Problems Not provided At hand sink
Corrections Provide
Items Sanitary hand drying provisions
Water drains slowly from the handwashing sink beside the storage rack in the dishwashing area. Have the drain cleared.
Problems Not maintained
Corrections Maintain in good repair
Items Plumbing system

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