Heart Warming Story about a “COLD HEARTED” Insurance Company


I have used a particular insurance carrier for the last 10 years because they have always been fair and expedient about the claims I filed along with any due diligence necessary on followups or oversights they may have made on reimbursements or the extent of their coverage. Insurance companies get a lot of bad publicity for that 1 in a thousand claim that catches the public’s eye, but they are much like offensive lineman in football who do not get noticed until they make a mistake.

I want to share a heart warming story about an inlaw I will call Susan. This account of how she was treated by Geico should dispel all of the negative views about how insurance companies treat their customers impersonally like numbers rather than sensitive human beings who have no where else to to turn after life changing accidents:

Susan was in one car life changing crash that was certainly her fault. They bent over backwards to pay a reasonable fee for the specific specialist doctor she needed for the very unique and hard to treat injury she sustained. This fee far exceeded the the 80th percentile of what the insurer has been charged by other medical providers for similar injuries. The 80th percentile is sort the industry standard, but Geico exceeded this standard being sensitive to the unique nature of Susan’s very personal injury while really clamping down on her privacy during these trying times.

They also spent a lot of their time considering other factors such as the doctor’s level of expertise, inflation, rent and cost of  the physician’s staff. Understand that time really is money with insurance providers, so they were taking a financial hit allocating all this extra time for my beloved inlaw.

Susan had multiple  passive treatments that occurred about two months after her accident which were covered without any hassles. I have read that many passive treatments are automatically denied without any review by the insurance agent assigned to claim.

They were also quite aware and sensitive to the fact Susan’s healing times were not well known, again, due to the exceptionally rare nature of her injuries. Her PIP(personal injury protection) benefits were never underestimated or neglected and our entire extended family will be eternally grateful to them!

What’s crazy, even though we have been a little out of touch with Susan, as far as we know her insurance premiums experienced only a very modest increase!



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