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Any parent is frequently faced with difficult decisions about helping their children find the right path in life. Often we are so overwhelmed with the tyranny of the day-to-day that we do not allocate enough time to assist our kids in making the appropriate career choices. There are not many tasks more burdensome and heart wrenching that that of  rearing a child. Getting your kiddo involved in something worthwhile and employment ready as early as possible is HUGE with respect to their overall happiness and YOURS!

Also, many families have a problem child that makes the task of helping them to find work and live independently that much more challenging!  Let’s face it, not all children are cut out for college or even traditional high school. Enter Job Corp which provides free vocational training and a high school diploma. Job Corps offers programs and training in the culinary arts, electrical wiring, facilities maintenance, automotive repair, bricklaying, carpentry, dental assistant, heavy equipment operations, welding, medical office support, landscaping, hotel and lodging, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), optician assistant , plumbing, network cable installation and other practical types of training that will allow its graduates to get a job and live independently!

Steady employment is a goal that most of us share and  enrolling in the Job Corps is a step towards that goal. Since Job Corps is self-paced, it does not take long to get trained for a trade, get hired, and start earning money!

Job Corps also pays cash allowances every two weeks and provides transportation to local entertainment venues and supermarkets like Walmart. They even have a high school prom!

Getting your child on the right path as early as possible is definitely a moment of impact. Way too many young adults waste much of their time and life doing something they are not interested in or motivated to excel. Job Corps does accept students who have been asked by  judge or court to be in school as a condition of their probation. Understand there are Pros and Cons involved in making any life changing decision. I hope this article helps you make an informed choice.

The following post from the Berkely Parents Network provides much more detail and insight for parents who are trying to decide what is best for their 16 year old. 

I work for the U.S. Department of Labor which funds and oversees the Job Corps program. Job Corps provides training and education to youth age 16-24, mostly in residential (i.e. dorms on campus) settings (the nearest program, at Treasure Island, has many kids who commute to the program every day, however, so that would be possible). The program is terrific for a lot of kids who might not otherwise complete high school for a number of reasons. Most of the kids are low-income, many come from situations where there was not the traditional family support that many students need to be successful. That does mean that some of the kids come with significant ‘baggage’. However, the program is designed to give kids a lot of support, counseling and structure, as well as training and education that will help them develop as a whole person and be ready for the workforce, or college, when they graduate. Job Corps works to help kids complete a HS diploma or GED, and provides specific skill training in certain jobs or to continue to a regular community or 4-year college program. At Treasure Island, they have a terrific culinary arts program – both a basic and an advanced program for students around the country who have excelled in the basic program. They also have training programs in computer networking, carpentry and masonry, and about a dozen other fields.


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  1. The Roswell New Mexico job corps pays their students $30 every two weeks as a cash allowance. Also upon graduation, job corps graduates get around $1000 to help cover their initial living expenses and get set up in an apartment. If they can hang onto their job for six months they get another thousand dollars. The job corps students really help the community by rewiring ,refurbishing , and replumbing old beat up buildings around town.
    All of the job corps in the United States get ranked by how many jobs they find for their graduates. They also get ranked by how long their graduates stay on the job. They want you to succeed. It makes the individual private companies that run the job corps look better and easier to renew their contract with the Department of Labor.

  2. A Friend of a friend graduated from the Glenmont job corps in New York in heating ventilation and air-conditioning (hvac). How long will it take to finish hvac will vary since their programs are self-paced, but it took this kid 10 months to complete this training which included OSHA certification. His starting salary was close to 40 g

  3. Many parents want to know if job corps is structured for their 16 or 17 year old. Getting homesick is more prevalent in this particular age range. To remedy this, job corps employs professional, well-trained counselors and ILA in the dorms to comfort and help your kiddo when they start to miss mom and dad.
    The flip side is that quite a few job corps students come from deplorable, abusive home life and are happy to be free from it even at their young age.
    BTW, ILA stands for Indpendent Living Advisor.

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