Name Change To World Peace


Any NBA fan knows that former bad boy Ron Artest has changed his name to World Peace. World Peace of the Los Angeles Lakers who had anger management issues as a player for the Indiana Pacers must believe having World Peace sewed on to his basketball jersey will move us closer to the unachievable goal of world peace. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with striving for world peace, but as long as there is food, water, gas and oil to fight for, wars and fighting for these resources will continue. Artest who is financially secure as a basketball player improves income inequality by giving back to the community. He was part of charitable enterprises in Houston,TX and now in the city of Angels.

What World Peace could do from his very visible and influential role as an NBA basketball player is to solve the problem of perplexing priorities, meaning he should let young basketball players know that wasting too much time trying to make it to the National Basketball Association is generally poor judgement. This a much more achievable moment of impact than the amorphous push to world peace.


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  1. Ron Artest and Natabara Rollosson of Albuquerque NM both believe World peace is achievable. The Sri chinmoy peace run organizer has lived an insular life if he really believes world peace is possible. UNM is full of pie in the sky ideal world kids who have never had to pay bills or wash their own clothes.
    Natabara Rollosson should feel quite special as he is the only person on the planet named Natabara Rollosson.

  2. In the 53-year-old words of no less an authority than Dr. Zachary Smith, “A noble gesture – but hardly realistic.” This Artest might either be seriously channeling his I’m-just-a-soul-whose-intentions-are-good inner Santa Esmeralda or it’s, like that idiot ex-NFL conehead Chad Johnson w/his “ochocinco” nonsense, more a publicity stunt. This concept is as simplistic as it is, as Roger Rabbit put it, “absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!” Just lookit that Middle East, the most fractious area of conflict on the entire planet. That super mega ultraignorant smirking-jerk puppet GWB, thinking its little invasion of Iraq was going to wrap up as nice & neatly as Papa Gee had [mis]managed a dozen years beforehand, actually dared to publicly state that in 3 little years this region would be wholly under the spell of D. Mocracy [to the way of “thinking” of those political pigs’ kind, ripe for the capitalist plucking/reshaping], and where are we now, FIFTEEN YEARS later? Battling the destructive madness of some lunatics called ISIL as well as the ongoing localized upheavals in that region. Artest would have done better to lend such influence as he may have to helping fight the MANY pressing & urgent issues facing his fellow countrypeople, instead of having some pie-in-the-sky term sewn onto his uniform as if just chirping about this “name change” will, in and of itself, bring about such change. We don’t have that even in THIS country, which last I looked is his own, so I’m sure I’m no lone voice in the forest who isn’t the least impressed by this ultimately weightless gesture. I can just see the email now: “Won’t you please chip in $5 towards achieving World Peace? With your help” [take that, GWB!] “I am confident we can realistically attain this goal in no more than 2 years.” Wow. I’m being enervated to sleep already.

    1. The Lost in Space character played by Jonathan Harris ,who was an American character actor, appears to be the object of idolatry to you sir. That show was probably one of the best super low budget series produced!

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