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The following piece discusses the addictive character of pornography using the illuminating insights of an excellent and well prepared author named Pamela Paul. Her very important message being the “normal viewing of adult films” can quickly morph into unhealthy and illegal acts.

In her book titled Pornified, she very lucidly and effectively convinces the reader that Porn Apart can often be equivalent to Torn Apart with respect to Pornography’s capacity to tear apart healthy relationships. She does a nice job of creating a rhyming comparison of a well known phrase with a much more dramatic phrase underscoring addiction to porn. Paul cites many instances of excessive viewing of adult porn concomitantly showing its relationship dissolving potential and criminal side.

Adult film viewers perceive what they are doing as far less of a transgression than the evils committed by the sickos and perverts who venture into actions that harm others. Pamela Paul enumerates and describes many instances of adult pornography users crossing the line into the abject and despicable world of illegal porn.

Basketball coach Randy Brown became self entangled in a gradual sort of way eventually fantasizing about 15 year olds who looked 20. He stated that he had no interest in prepubescent children. Paul also describes a 59 year old churchgoing male and former gymnastic coach who was arrested in Las Vegas when authorities found the walls of his home lined with with photographs of girls between the ages of 11 and 15. The police also discovered a video of the 59 year old man being indecent with an under aged girl.

All of these people were, at one point, involved in healthy relationships. Somehow, their sexuality drifted towards perverse acts that wrecked their reputations and lives. The moment of impact for all these individuals would be that moment when they knew they had crossed the line of relatively normal sexual behavior and actions that could harm others.

Hopefully this short article will open the reader’s eyes to the insidious, harmful nature of pornography and serve as a warning that viewers of pornography may only be a few short steps away from life shattering mistakes!


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