Quitting Addiction Cold Turkey


Any addict knows the story of Shelly Sprague. Shelly  Sprague was/is a celebrity addict who effectively quit or learned to control her addiction. Her charm and allure emanate from her willingness to go public with the intention of helping as many addicts as possible. Quitting cold turkey is defined as ending consumption of all addictive substances abruptly or immediately. This, of course, takes an immense amount of will power which can sometimes work against ones recovery……ask an alcoholic. One has to ask whether quitting cold turkey might be deleterious to your health compared to slowing down your consumption over a longer duration. Many believe that substance abuse and addiction are congenital, i.e. we are born with a tendency to ingest or inject addictive substances. I think that is a lot of crap and that most addicts are just spineless and turn to the bottle or a pill anytime they get too stressed. So the moment of impact has to be whether you lift that bottle of booze to your lips or choose to hang around with a peer group full of stoners. I read about a girl who grew up in Española , NM where drug usage was spiraling way out of control. The only way she survived was the “whole village” helped her through the trying times. The poverty level is very high in Española and her parents really struggled to make ends meet.


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  1. shaneco fennoy is a name that I have seen a lot with respect to abusive relationships. I believe the man that physically and verbally abused Shaneco had issues with drug and alcohol addiction/dependency. I sure hope that girl is finding peace! She deserves it after the bad hand life dealt her.

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