Roswell to be home of Film Studio


Thadd Turner’s dream could buoy employment prospects for the citizens of Roswell,NM soon. This is certainly much better news than the tragic shooting of Wade Whitman who was gunned down in front of a mobile home at the Town and Country RV Park on West Brasher.

Thadd, who only moved here a week ago, bought 120 acres of of land formerly occupied by Fed Ex Facility. The former resident of California and Santa Fe plans on building a Western movie set with a 20,000 square foot sound stage. It will not be exclusively the Western genre flicks that will be produced north of town, as Turner plans on shooting movies pertaining to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The actor/director, who was introduced to Roswell by city councilor and Minister(God is recruiting you through her faith based FB company) Natasha Mackey, humorously declared his specialty was getting shot off of horses in old Westerns. Mackey stated that this would give the city the opportunity to partner with the film students at ENMU-R who are about to graduate from the Media Arts Program.

Thadd’s  plans extend far beyond the alliance with ENMU.  He wants Roswell to be a place for young film professionals to study which will include seminars for directing, screen writing, and other media fields!

I sure hope this gets off the ground as the city could sure use an economic shot in the arm. Roswell is no stranger to grandiose ideas that die on the vine and I hope and pray that this exciting job creating venture does not fizzle out like a cheap firecracker. We could use some extra jobs so that our hard working citizens would not have to borrow from the many title loan and payday loan places around town.

Thanks to Christina Stock, whose name this writer had never seen in the RDR, for penning a lucid write-up  that should energize the community.

Film prop Afghan village to be constructed in Roswell,NM
Film prop Afghan village to be constructed in Roswell,NM

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  1. Devastating news about Wade who went to school in Irvine California and had a job related to film in Rio Rancho,NM. He made sure production companies were compliant sustaining eligibility for film Production Tax Credit. His job was crucial to making sure film makers got all the money they deserve. Did he live in that trailer park or just in wrong place at wrong time?(According to RDR ,Whitman was at the shooter’s RV to buy some grass, and was about to pay the shooter when Whitman pulled out a tazer and attacked the man selling the marijuana, who pulled out a 9mm pistol emptying the gun’s clip.)

  2. Christina Stock needs to be more careful about her fact checking. Thad did NOT pay for the 120 acres as the article implied or directly stated. In fact, the financing of the film studio is on quite shakey ground. Reporters lose credibility rapidly if they are motivated by churning out a WOW story at the expense of factual accuracy. BTW, Charles Fischer will ignore any correspondence you send him on some of the crap he allows to be printed in RDR.

    1. Adeline, where are you getting your info? Professor alan trevor enmu media graphic arts was interviewed on TV indicating financing was in place and the film studio with an afghan village will be operational within three weeks! Great news for Roswell that might jack up property value!!

  3. Does anybody know how much the president of Roswell’s Economic Development Corporation makes as an annual salary? John Mulcahy states the local economy has grown about 7% in last three years in gross receipts. To average citizen, that just means we are paying more in sales tax. John needs to quit being vague and work on something that will help us like shutting down letting people smoke in public. I imagine the man is making good money probably paid for by sales tax. Get on a nice water park at Cielo Grande dude!

    1. Kudos to Mulcahy president of Chaves county economic development corporation for working historical deal to get American airline flights out of Roswell airport to Phoenix! He had to work a deal to guarantee $750,000 minimum revenue from artesia Carlsbad and surrounding counties. Let’s hope this does not go to crap and get cancelled like LAX did.

      1. Bright guy James E. Goss of Roswell NM tried to get free advertisement for the well below average “fine dining” establishment Cattleman’s Kountry Kitchen in his letter to editor where he said Mulcahy is ignorant. Goss is pissed off that his substandard restaurant is not getting the RIAC traffic he believes it deserves. We got a putrid rotten steak the last and only time we dined there.
        James, criticizing a financial pillar of community is no way to attract business to your failing enterprise. Now that Andre is gone, the scarfing establishment is bush league.

      2. Lisa Dunlap, a writer for newspaper, noted Mulcahy stated no payment beyond second quarter would be issued to American Airlines from Roswell or Chaves County. They recently got their third payment for their “big success” in the region.

        Lisa went out of her way to print John was on vacation. Juanita Jennings declined to speak on the expenditure in behalf of the Economic Development Corporation.

  4. Jeff Tucker seemed disappointed that film studio got ETZ approval to booze it up and dance after 10 pm near west Galina road partying until 2 am if they want. Savino Sanchez opposed extraterritorial zoning authority ruling claiming 8 residents Mission Hills industry park subdivision did not want the noise and drunk driving. Savino is a pastor at church on the move who was attacked by Old Paths Baptist Church members Caesar Chavez, Jeremy De Los Santos and Rolando Iglecias.(I believe these same guys were arrested or told to leave the parking lot of Galaxy theater at Roswell Mall for aggressively approaching people who were going to a movie that had subtle references to kinky sex) John Mulcahy said that since half a million dollars had already been invested in movie studio, that everybody should be allowed to dance and party into the morning hours.

    1. Ask robin theobald, robbert Cummings, and others who live out in the peace and quiet of the country for a reason why they oppose tax payer funded partying near their homes? Ask Rob foster who lives north of town on Main Street about how loud band music carries in desert air! Not to mention the traffic congestion on the country road that services their neighborhood. Do u blame them for being pissed for having to deal with a honky Tonk paid for by propert tax or at least public money?

  5. Thadd’s dream came to fruition as the movie 2 years and 8 days was shot in 200 block of north Main Street in the first release from Talmarc film productions.

  6. Drone entrepreneur Mike Lanfor could fit in perfectly with film studio. Movie sets need aerial photography angles unachievable without drones.

    The Sunday spotlight article by Michaels was long, but never gave any insight as to how airplay media and adventure services would produce income.

    We saw a drone being used at some kind of wedding rehearsal at Cielo Grande not far from soccer game we were watching.

    Until further notice, drones in Roswell are just expensive toys for men and their families who can not afford them. There was a place in mall selling them. Not sure if they went under.

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