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I know it is a little melodramatic to characterize how we spend our money as a moment of impact, but for every dollar we let slip out of our fingers we are that much worse off when retirement decisions roll around!

We had heard that Barley Grass Powder is great diet supplement for your digestion and your overall metabolism, so we bought a 250 gram bottle of Sunny Green Barley Grass Powder from Down to Earth Nutrition Center in Roswell, New Mexico. The price of the  250 gram bottle of chlorophyll enriched powder was $27.99. The price sounded way high to me, but we wanted to check out the taste and effectiveness of the substance before purchasing in quantity.

We did like the Barley Powder, but were not willing to give the Mom and Pop Store in Roswell almost 30 dollars a bottle for the stuff! Found a place online that sold it for 12 dollars a bottle and would ship it for free for orders of $50 or higher.

I really don’t know how places like Down to Earth Nutrition Center stay in business. They have a friendly staff, but the online health supplement places have markdowns of close to 70%. The sales receipt you see says ” We hope you’ll come back soon!”, but we definitely will not go back there until they get their prices more Down To Earth!


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  1. Wow we have done the exact same thing. Down to earth in Roswell was just too expensive! You can get the same barley grass product online for half the price. Barley grass powder not only boosts your metabolism, it also meets quite a bit of your fiber requirements.

    You are talking about the health food/supplement store with address 102 North Missouri Avenue? Their customer service was less than excellent when I was there. Somebody, who was not interested in buying anything, was having a conversation with the sales clerk. I had some items and was ready to check out, but attendant, aware I was ready to check out, continued talking. I put items on the counter and they continued to babble. I had to tell them I was ready to go which finally got their attention. High prices and substandard service are good enough reasons for me to shop online at Vita Cost or Puritans Pride 🙂

  2. Sol Juice and Supplements will suck away business from down to earth nutrition center. Jonathan Solis has some attractive employees who look good in their tight jeans like Elizabeth Maguire. Thanks to Gladys Ocon, Stacie Eisenbise, April Avitia, Gary Thrine, Harvey Gilliland and Clarissa Adams for bring healthy offerings to Main Street!!

    1. I had professor Solis for government at lone star college in Houston Texas. I had no idea he ran a business over in New Nexico.

      He is friendly guy
      and attentive to students needs. Does not go on the professor ego trip and hand out tons of work. Very light on assignments probably to cut down on the amount of grading he has to do, even in a summer class it was a piece of cake. You can get an A if you show a minimal work ethic.

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