Thanks Folks


I would not have the pleasure of leisurely producing this post had it not been for a pair of hard working, high income parents. They would sometimes bicker in front of their children arguing about how the money would be spent on our upbringing. We were keenly aware of the sacrifice they were making leading us to a good, financially secure life.

The monetary burden of having young children can significantly lower a family’s income and increase its chances of being  poverty stricken. However as children reach school age, that financial disadvantage can decrease as your progeny become educated and able to live independently.

This makes me appreciate, even more,  what my parents did to give me a good life and every opportunity to be self-sufficient. Read the article by Patrick Fagan dealing with the cycle of poverty. He made some mistakes over generalizing without the support of sound research, but still was on the mark with his message of not getting married in High School, getting an education first, etc.


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