Triond: Content Farm or Online Therapy Session


I used to write at Triond all the time until I got tired of paying Triond every time somebody clicked on those double underlined infolinks. Sure Triond pays its writers maybe one penny for every 10 page views, but online writers are much better off buying their own blog and making 100% on each click rather than hoping that Triond, Helium, Hubpages, Chitika, Bukisa, Associated Content,¬†Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera etc are being fair about how they are sharing pay-per-click revenue!¬†Marisa Wright, who writes with a deft pen for HubPages and dances when bored with that, believes that the Helium rating system is unfair. Helium actually has the fairest writer’s rating system on the planet. Not sure why Marisa is disappointed in the anonymous system that is implemented at Helium?

You may wonder why an article like this would categorized as a moment of impact. The pic that you see is a Triond News Feed that contains 8 articles written by momofplenty. No topic is off-limit from this voluminous post producing Triond author. Her honest, soul-searching article titled “What is it about sadness, grief, and depression that makes my pen move?” is food for thought for anybody who has grappled with depression. Thank you Mrs. Green! Her article has catharsis and soul cleansing written all over it. We knew a mom in West Texas who had a nervous breakdown because she went crazy trying to take care of 5 children who were struggling in school and dealing with drug dependencies!

MomOfPlenty appears to cope with the burden of raising many children by writing until she is exhausted. Writing, like talking with a good friend, has a way of liberating the pent-up stress associated with raising a lot of kids or handling an off-balance marriage.

So, yes, Triond is a content farm where large volumes of drivel and tripe are churned out, but Triond is also an outlet that may preserve the sanity of its many members. I was just reading recently that people who are on Facebook too long are more prone to depression. I certainly hope nobody points the blame at Facebook as overdoing anything can lead to depression!


Triond: Content Farm or Online Therapy Session

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  1. You are right about buying and hosting your own blog and making 100% off of the InfoLink adds rather than donating the proceeds of your precious writing talent to Triond. Intelligent folks like Ruby Hawk and Tulan do not seem to get that!

    They are both outstanding writers who give away their time to Triond. You can host your own blog or website for less than 3 dollars per month and have full control over PPC advertising mediums that are out there. Why trust Triond to pay you what you deserve when you can free yourself from the shackles of their crappy display that only shows you the top 5 articles that were viewed? I used to write for Triond and would get around 50 page views per day but could only see maybe 25 of them in the ridiculous “Content Today” display!
    If you blog with WordPress, you can see everything even the country and IP address of the person requesting your page. You can even see the search string that led to the page view! Its amazing how many people there are out there with Black athlete White cheerleader fantasies or if Jessica Biel dates NBA athletes.

    A problem I have recently noticed with InfoLinks is that they no longer display the number of clicks that produces your earnings. Only the earnings for a particular day is now displayed. They use to display, say, 3 clicks and $0.70 profit in their reports. Now InfoLinks only display the profit.

    Finally when I was writing for Triond, I would be lucky to get 20 cents per day combined for all my articles. With Infolinks, I sometimes get $0.30 per day on a single article/post

  2. I don’t much like your disparaging tone regarding the Triond WebSite. Moses Ingram, Ruby Hawk, Tulan. Ulsterman, Mother Earth, Dale Walker, Val Mills are all exceptionally skilled writers. I believe it was Ruby Hawk who wrote a New York Times quality piece on the history of Shelly Sprague and the way she so courageously overcame her drug and alcohol addiction issues and helped others along the way. It is too easy to focus on the negatives. Try focusing on the positive impact Triond has on the lives of many!

    1. I agree, writers like Goliathe earn quite a bit at Triond. He received a PayPal payment of $5.16 from Royal Media, LLC (Postloop) on his first try!

      1. Jay Samson of Triond made significant income from postloop and lucidly shared his earning techniques with all interested. He may get himself into trouble by publishing his earnings from postloop.

    2. Ulsterman of Triond penned White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden. Many readers actually believe he is actually a White House insider privy to policy and breaking news prior to it being released to the press. Ty Johnston, an excellent blogger, dropped Triond and moved on to greener pastures.

  3. My infolinks passive income has gone down significantly recently!! Has anybody else had the same problem of their infolinks revenue decreasing or dropping well below usual levels. My page views have gone up and my adsense income is strong, but infolinks is in the toilet!

    1. Infolinks must be in trouble because I have not made a penny in the last 5 days even though my site traffic has increased during that time!! I used to make about 30 cents a day. Does anybody know if Infolinks is going under or has changed the revenue they share with us? I hope they are not going out of business. They have been decent source of supplemental income for a few years now.

      1. Many who monetize their blogs for a passive income stream believe that Infolinks drives down your search engine ranking, and it has appeared in many online blogs about how it negatively affects page rank. Google’s
        Panda updates may be part of the reason.

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