Twitter’s UnInvite To Tech Summit


Top Dogs and CEOs from Apple, Facebook, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Amazon,  and Tesla were all assembled on the 25th floor of Trump Tower much to the delight of the FAR LEFT. Incongruously absent was any representation from Twitter who, along with the high energy campaigning of Donald and Mike, got the GOP candidate elected in a CRUSHING loss for arrogant female democratic nominee.

So why wasn’t Twiiter invited to the technology summit in the commodious, posh NYC skyscraper?  After all, he certainly qualifies as a power Tweeter. The simple answer as Bill O’Reilly aggressively opined is that that Trump exudes power at every turn.  Incidentally, wouldn’t you all love to have Jeopardy legend Arthur Chu weigh in on the Trump phenomenon? That cat won around 300 large on the brainy game show and might still get that $30,000 standard deduction that is a campaign promise of Trump team.

During the campaign, Trump labeled Female Clinton as CROOKED. He went as far as asking the Twitter developers to create a “Crooked Hillary” emoji. The Trump campaign was willing to pay $5 million  to design an emoji character that would have portrayed money bags being stolen or given away. Twitter, displaying admirable backbone, rejected the idea apparently believing the populace was stupid enough to elect Hillary.

Now we probably know why Twitter was EXCLUDED from hight tech luminary gathering at Trump Tower. The Irish Factor commentator would be the first to understand the power of EXCLUSION if I am not being too pedantic Bill. I am just beside myself waiting for Krauthammer to exude his erudite sagacity on the forceful conduct of our brilliant PRESIDENT ELECT!


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