Unrestricted Scholarship Fund Raising


       Moment Of Impact    Golf is enormously popular in Roswell,NM. There is a 9 hole private club along with the Spring River and NMMI courses.

The picture you see is near the tee box of  hole number 3 at NMMI golf course. The two signs you see recognize the general’s cup donations of Adam and Kaitlyn Camp AND Danny and Lisa Armijo. The two signs were never removed for what appeared to be a weekend tournament.

A little research revealed that NMMI superintendent Jerry Grizzle is the impetus behind the scenes for creating an event that yields big bucks  for unrestricted eligibility scholarships for kids from families who may be struggling financially.

I also found that benefactor Adam Camp was highest ranking cadet at NMMI 7 years ago and works as newscaster in Albuquerque. Newscasting is not the highest paying profession which makes Mr Camp’s donation to scholarship fund stand out as a contribution from the heart to his alma mater.

We play golf every time we are in town. The NMMI course is not our favorite place to play due to the beer drinking and excessive gambling. Thanks to NMMI superintendent for conceiving and implementing such  a wholesome and fun impact event that can literally change the lives of young men and women who do not have the means to pay for a quality education!!

Benefactor signs Roswell,NM golf tournament
Benefactor signs Roswell,NM golf tournament

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  1. RIP Charles Brice Dowaliby who attended NMMI in early 50s. Former governor David Cargo relied heavily on him. Also a valued border patrol agent.

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