A Simple Definition of any Dallas Cowboy Coach since Jimmy Johnson


A recent newspaper headline was “Garrett: Offseason moves collaborative”. The Cowboy coach, of course, is trying to wipe out the public perception which happens to be the truth that every Dallas Cowboy coach since Jimmy Johnson has been a pansy.

The word pansy being used to indicate an individual who is willing to collect a paycheck while being amenable to being ordered around by Jerry Jones. Switzer, Wade Phillips, and Jason Garrett have fit into that pansy role perfectly for the team owner who wants more limelight than his own players and coaches.

After the Cowboys choked again in the “playoff” game against Washington, Jerry Jones stated that somebody would be calling the plays other than Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones’ megalomania knows no bounds. After effectively firing a coach that won two straight super bowls (Jimmy Johnson) , the Cowboys have never fielded a team that really had any kind of chance to go all the way.

I really believe that Jerry Jones does not come close to getting that he is the root of all the Cowboys’ problems. Jones reminds one of president/despot/tyrant that has absolutely no checks on the power that he wields. I wish there was a way to have him removed as team owner and general manager. The man is poison to the organization and destroys their chemistry. Everybody looking in from the outside realizes that.

The feeling that many Cowboy fans have about Jerry Jones is not unlike the sentiments many Americans have about our current entitlement president. Will it ever end?

All Cowboy coaches since Jimmy Johnson have been weak personalities
All Cowboy coaches since Jimmy Johnson have been weak personalities

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    1. Erik Manwaring blames all Cowboys failure on Tony Romo. Hatcher sides with Erik Manwaring claiming cowboy QB passes the football too much out of an audible. Manwaring should stick to his photography profession in Philly.
      What does Sean Hannity have to do with Jerry Jones?

      1. The Dallas cowboys are weak and have no team character or killer instinct. They were ahead of the Washington Redskins 21-9 and had a possession that could have buried the redskins. The cowboys choked with a 3 and out and the then let skins go down the field for easy touchdown.
        The Dallas cowboys are a below average nfl team.

        1. Have you noticed how whenever the cowboys score a touchdown that their defense always let’s the other team march down the field for an easy score, BUT when the other team scores the Cowboys offense goes three and out?

          1. The cowboy left tackle number 77 was the reason the cowboys lost to Detroit lions. The lions had no time outs when Tyron Smith was penalized for holding which stopped the clock. If Romo just kneels down, the lions would have had only 30 seconds to move 80 yards. It’s all good, I still love seeing Jerry Jones owned teams lose in such miserable fashion!!!
            Not to completely Blame smith, the cowboys defense completely sucked letting Detroit go the length of field with no time outs. One sack would have won the game, but stafford had plenty of time as the cowboy d line was dominated by lion o line!!

            1. John Bankston of The Landry Hat also noted how the cowboys threw away the game with horrific play calling at the end. Whoever was calling plays at end should have their pay cut.
              The cowboys woul have had 2 game lead with tie breaker edge against Detroit for wild card.

            2. Nick Fairly may have cost the Detroit Lions the game against Philadelphia Eagles. Fairly roughed the passer Nick Foles on third down AND the eagles scored on next play. Tim Twentyman can tell you more about Fairly choking in big games.

            3. Tyler Clutts should be cut or fined by Jerry Jones for holding which killed a drive and forced a punt out of the end zone. Clutts did this against the Arizona Cardinals.

              1. Ditto for Dekoda Watson who was was called for running into the punter in the end zone after Cowboys D had stopped the Lions and forced the punt.

                Cut Dekoda Watson for not having the intelligence to understand the game situation. He was same way in Florida.

                Demarcus Lawrence pulled a bone headed play by not falling on a matt stafford fumble. Lawrence made up for his mistake by sacking stafford and recovering the QB’s fumble to ice the game for the pokes!!

  1. Jared Manciet fancies himself as very intelligent because he thinks he knows the meaning of the term reiterate. Jared you did not repeat what Jerry Jones said, you feebly attempted to clarify the statement of a man who doubles your superficial intellect on any day. Get a job and pay some bills and we might give your insights more weight.

    To reiterate what Mr. Jones can’t necessarily say – you can build off this because if you can come so close to beating the best team in the league like that, you can just about do anything. Cowboys defense needs to step up.

  2. Cody Wierzbicki is on record as hating the Dallas Cowboys because they like to THINK they are the best. Sounds like Cody does not need much of a reason to hate anything. He likes to think he is a good chess player. Facebook gives us a glimpse into the pathetic state of today’s youth.

  3. Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins got his feelings hurt because NFL referee cursed at him. OH MY GOD, like Trent has never uttered expletives in his life during the game or in the locker room. Trent was probably bitching to the ref for being called for holding and Mr Stripes got pissed. In a league already full of cry babies, this takes the cake!

  4. Jerry Jones’ delusions “continue unabated to the QB” . His megalomania knows no bounds as he declared that he has done great work as a cowboy GM. Have you noticed that the conceited air bag gets more press coverage than his players? Rainer Sabin would emphatically agree! His Dallas cowboys have been an average to below average team ever since Jones fired Jimmy Johnson. If only there was a way to fire the lout who treated Tom Landry like dirt. Tom Landry had contempt for Jones until the day he died and he even rooted for the Giants so deep was his disdain.

    The facts are that I really do think the way things have rolled out that I’m getting to do some of the best work that I’ve done, relatively speaking in my career of these last several years,” Jones said on KRLD-FM, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

    1. I knew Terrell Thomas at Cucamonga High School. He was insecure and a big talker then just like he is now. He guaranteed the Giants would beat the cowboys like we all care about the opinion of somebody playing for team who started 0-6 !! Cowboys spanked Giants twice. Knocked them out of playoffs.

  5. Justin Tuck was crying so hard about losing twice to the Cowboy and being eliminated from playoffs by Americas team that he tweeted pics of his two Super Bowl rings. History lesson Justin: The Dallas Cowboys have FIVE Super Bowl rings and they crushed your weak act even when your were winning Super Bowls. Face the music son and admit your inferiority like a man if that is possible for whiner like you! Haha

  6. Jerry Donaldson is the latest judgemental FaceBook user to criticize Dez Bryant for walking off the field out of frustration for the latest choke performance against Packers. I wonder if Donaldson has ever clocked in early at his hourly job for work he did not do? Too many fans hold NFL players to higher standards than they hold themselves.

  7. I was reminded of the erudite Odessa Permian football player Russell “perfectly clear” Wheatley when Justin Tucker kicked a 61 yard game winner on Monday night football. Russell’s game winner was wind aided and 62 yards in length making faint contact with crossbar in Lubbock,TX way back in 1976.

    The holder was quarterback Curtis Pittman , center was Ricky Coskrey. Wheatley characterized his record setting event as one where every aspect of the effort went perfectly. Wheatley was very intelligent and either entered the accounting or legal profession I believe.

    1. You all must of known Shane Sorrells if you were mojo boys back in 1976. That dude was always starting fights in middle school at Nimitz. I read Dallas police caught him naked in a car fondling himself. He kept on pleasuring himself even after officers ordered him out of the car. They pulled him out of car and eventually crushed his larynx as he refused to submit to their attempt to arrest him for indecent exposure.
      His parents sued Dallas and lost. The guy was a bully and liked fighting. I guess he departed this world pretty much like he wanted to. He and Allen Jenkins were compadres. I think Allen settled down and did OK.

      The people who maintain the website for Permian class 76 politely stated he passed away during a struggle. RIP

      His parents and sister were good people who were realtors in Odessa. They were honest with their clients and earned their 6% commission. It seems like every family has a member who is a little disturbed and has a hard time finding their way in life. Our second born caused us a lot of grief like Shane likely did to his family. There was a kid named Glaze who also was indecent in public. Somehow we carry on….

      1. Wow what a blast from the Permian past! Played baseball with Alex Kager. Other cool people were Shelly Daiss, Craig Long,Dicky Rivera, Vic Vines, Daryl Hunt who played professional football with Oilers, Gary Pounds, Greg Gray, Billy Dixon, Wes Maynard( Doobie Brothers fan), Terri Pummill, Johnny Houser, Kendra Valla, Dennis Gore, Monea Barnes, Pam Whetstone nice ass, Steve Stewart, Greg Fife, Robbie Vaughn, Mark Hennigan(sank 35 foot buzzer beater at basketball), Larry Cosper, Dudley Viles, Mitch Slusher, David Inabnet, Bobby Sanford who stood up to Shane Sorrells, Cheryl Robbins the brainiac, Hilton the preacher Chancelor, Matt Gaskins(this sprinting track star wanted Pam to sit on his face), Ronnie Belcher, Jimmy Hinton,Holly Hershy, Cary Andrews, Sam Malson, Shelly Dempsey(dated mojo quarterback), Robby Terrell, Mike Holden the squatty body, Bryan Lambert the animal linebacker,Jerry Bundick, Micky sexy caboose Whalen, Bruce King, Bud Dickerson, Mark Melton, Ray Nunez, Kevin Steen, Ricky Ross, Stuart Warner, Brad the police officer Neighbors, Richard Witte, Johnny Cross country Witherspoon, Gayle Worthen, Judy Zimmerman, David Palmer

  8. Only the Dallas Cowboys can make Mike Shanahan, the coach of a 3-11 team, look like a genius. The coach of redskins predicted his weak team would beat the Cowboys. JJ Wilcox should be cut from the Cowboys for his stupidity alone on a late hit that led to redskin score after defense had stopped them!!

    1. Terrance Williams just dropped a pass on third down against the Giants that would have kept a the drive alive. Too many of those and he should be benched.

      Also Cole Beasley cost the cowboys two touchdowns with a careless fumble when giant db scooped the little white boys fumble and ran it in for touchdown.

      Jeremey Mincey defensive lineman for Dallas cowboys should be cut for his selfish penalty ripping off helmet of giant offensive lineman getting a 15 yard personal foul penalty and costing his team one last possession and chance to tie or win.

      Joseph Randle, shop lifter, should be benched for taking unnecessary risk extending ball over goal line on first down against New Orleans Saints. Randle’s dive over the goal line was ruled a fumble on field and overturned by video review, but Randle used the same poor judgement as when he was arrested for stealing merchandise out of Dallas retail chain.

      Lance Dunbar is a dumbass. He tried to return a kickoff 9 yards deep in end zone and was injured while fumbling.

      Who is the coach of Dallas Cowboys special teams?( Richard Bisaccia) Fire his pathetic ass for having too many men on the field leading to 5 yard penalty which gave the saints a field goal after the cowboys defense had forced a punt.

      1. Greg Hardy was right to go off and be extremely and highly critical to members of the Cowboys kick off special team who went to sleep and allowed the 100 yard kickoff return touchdown after the Pokes had worked so hard to tie the game against the Giants. The Cowboys are guaranteed to find a way to lose until Romo and Bryant return from their injuries. Greg Hardy is a fresh breath in an age where football players are patted on the head or hugged after screwing up a play that costs their team the game like Cole Beasley’s muff of the punt return.

        1. The Cowboys always find a way to lose. Overpaid weak Dez Bryant drops pass that would have won game. Heath committed stupid hold that cost game. Dez Bryant crying like baby girl about no call. COWBOYS SUCK!!!

          You know they will always find a way to lose.

          1. Hi David,

            Did you attend OHS in Odessa Texas? I went to dentist there. Sorry if I have the wrong person. What gives with joe flacco saying his average ravens team is better than cowboys?? Baltimore has not beaten a team with winning record all season and flacco cries like a baby girl ravens are better than cowboys. Pokes kicked their ass!!

      2. How did Morris Claiborne even make the team. He gets called for holding and pass interference 2 or three times a game. Weak cornerback from LSU with low football IQ. Cowboys have no killer instinct. They dominated redskins in first quarter and then let Washington drive it down the field for easy touchdown. Stops are just as important early in the game as late. Cowboys weak mentally. Dez Bryant having friendly conversations with Norman during game. Fans need to quit showing for that kind of crap.

        1. Ryan Fitzpatrick may be Harvard educated, but he has LOW football IQ. Twice he threw Ill-advised passes at the goal line that got picked by the Chiefs. 17-3 versus 17-9. One score game!!! Please Ryan Fitzpatrick!!! Think of the jets rather than your stubborn Irish ancestry.

          1. Jaquiski Tartt Defensive back for San Francisco 49ers displayed his stupidity when he hit an engaged Dakota Prescott quarterback of Dallas Cowboys. 49ers were ahead 14-0 until penalty by Jaquiski Tartt which kept cowboy drive alive ramming it down the throats of defense to cut lead to 14-7

            1. Prescott starting to play like fourth round draft pick. He ruined a beautiful drive by throwing a pick at goal line which ended up being a 10 point swing in eagles favor. Threw the ball up for grabs in end zone again later in the game. They will need romo to get to playoffs.

        2. The entire cowboy defensive line should be CUT!! They got their asses kicked by Green Bay over and over in the trenches with Rodgers getting all fuckin day to throw! Also Durant is a stupid beeeatch for face masking quarterback and keeping drive alive. If a guy does that twice in game, replace him with somebody who is not as Stupid

          1. Phong Ta was voted number one cowboy fan of all time by a flash poll. Phong Ta Was involved in fisticuffs with a group of redskin fans regarding the nonsense that redskins is racist towards Native American Indians. Phong Ta Is to be admired for his obsessive love of cowboys and their cheerleaders. Ta is one of the few fans with the balls to speak out against the egomania of owner Jerry Jones who undermines authority of Jason Garrett when he guarantees Romo will start against Philadelphia after bye week. That is the coaches decision NOT the general manager! Jones arrogance will not be dissolved until he croaks.

            1. Cindy Raber Is a self proclaimed Dallas cowboy analyst. She has gaping holes in her reasoning skills and capacity to produce rational deductive arguments. Both New England and the Raiders would grind down the pokes in a money game. She is not Particularly bright and has no business mentioning Einstein

              Cindy Raber
              Shepherd University
              hahaha I hear it every week when some Einstein comes along with this scientific logic to defy how good Dallas’ o-line and rushing attack is. This is called being in “DENIAL”. It’s okay and nobody hates these people who say it week in and week out that Dallas hasn’t played a good defense yet. Being in denial is not a bad thing, it’s a competitive thing. No pun intended to the “Einsteins” of the NFL but – no…..Dallas is all that and thensome. They are the best team in the NFL right now and they are the team to beat. Go ahead…bring on the logic…..lol.

        3. Reminds me of defensive back 31 Cockrell of Pittsburgh steelers. Cockrell took a cheap shot at whitehead of cowboys when he was out of bounds. It kept drive alive. You could see Big Ben jerk his head in frustration and disgust. Cockrell Is much like the irresponsible undisciplined blacks I played with in college. Not a team player and did not even get why ref threw the flag

          1. Speaking of black professional football players who lack discipline, Tony Lippett CB Miami dolphins cost his team of any chance of coming back against steelers by trying to time his jump on field goal attempt. Michigan state products usually are not that selfish placing their needs over the teams. Until players start getting cut for being stupid and uncaring about the bigger needs of the team, that kind of crap will continue

          2. Speaking of undisciplined football players, Jamaal Williams
            #30 RB of the Green Bay packers ignorantly ran out of bounds giving Steelers enough time to hit a Boswell game winning 53 yard field goal.

            Yes, the Brigham Young player Cost his team the game by either being poorly coached or just stupid.

            56, Xavier Woodson-Luster Just tackled a Dallas Cowboy on an Oakland kick return for a touchdown. Xavier Woodson-Luster cost his team a touchdown and was laughing about it with his diamond earrings.

        4. Coach Jason should have his head examined for allowing Gavin Escobar to stay in game after committing two drive ending penalties. Gavin Escobar just looks stupid and head coach is a dumbass for letting him play after costing cowboys the lead against the Vikings

          As much as I love Jason witten, he has to learn to just go down after a catch in traffic. He does not make anybody miss and just fumbled against Tampa Bay when he had no chance against defenders.

          1. Jeffri Chadiha, wrting for NFL.com, has rocks in his head when he declares that the Minnesota Vikings won the turnover battle against the dallas cowboys thursday. They guy who fumbled the punt near Cowboy goal line COST the Vikings the game. They do have a badass defense, but are not a playoff team this year.

            1. Nasir Bhanpuri Proves the general ineffectiveness of mathematical models in predicting super bowl adversaries. He actually believes Seattle will make it to super bowl. They have been crushed at least twice this year. They will probably lose to to Detroit in wild card round

        5. There was a reason the Arizona defensive coordinator was crying and throwing a temper tantrum in the rainstorm at Miami. The dumbass running back of the dolphins ran until the time in regulation expired. The clock would have showed zero seconds had the NFL referees not stopped clock. Miami coaches did no call time out in time

          1. The cowboys had the ball in field goal range against giants on Sunday night football. The stupid Fuking offensive coordinator calls a pass play. Prescott gets sacked. Out of field goal range for dan baily. Pull your heads out of your asses. Byron jones holds on long punt return by Cole Beasley.
            Chris collinsworth should find something else to do with his life other than commentating NFL football. He kept repeating Odell Beckham dropped a touchdown pass from manning when in fact the cowboy defensive back broke up the pass

            1. Vince Mayle Jersey number 16 ruined a cowboy drive drive that was impressively moving ball down field. The inexperienced player was called for holding. Those kind of penalties destroy tempo and players who screw up like that should be on bench. He made those kind of bone headed mistakes playing college ball in Washington.

            2. Will be a blast to watch Cowboys Crush Odell Beckham’s overinflated ego in NFC championship game in Jerry Jones Stadium. Beckam whines pretty much on every play and complains on twitter about Elliot jumping into Salvation Army bowl.

              That’s funny there’s no fine for that. I could only imagine if I was the one to do it. Just bein honest.

  9. Speaking of some different cowboys, Oklahoma is dominating the fourth ranked Baylor bears who are Unrecognizably weak tonight. I can remember aspiring dentist David Haywood screaming and yelling chokers in the dormitory every time the football team played poorly which was frequently according to 1977 yearbook.

    1. I would expect Mr Haywood of Baylor to be yelling at the Dallas Cowboys as they are getting pounded by a weak New York Giant team. Cowboys have weak defense that have not stopped the Giants all night on third down. Giant wide receiver Beckham made the greatest catch in NFL history with a pure one handed catch for a touchdown.

      1. The Philadelphia Eagles have now replaced the Dallas Cowboys as choke artists in December. Eagles have lost all their games in December to eliminate themselves from playoffs after it looked like they would have first round bye in the playoffs. The folded worse this year than all the Cowboy chokes combined!

        The Colts should cut Jerrell Freeman for putting his selfish, taunting ego above the needs of the team. Linebacker Jerrell Freeman made a text book tackle on third down to get his D off the field without the Cowboys scoring, but he stood over Dunbar talking about his mother which induced official to issue a 15 yard taunting penalty. Another NON team player making a stupid game changing mistake. CUT the fool!

    2. Jerry Kramer admitted that he was off sides allowing him to submarine block Jethro Pugh allowing Bart Star to sneak across the goal line and beat the cowboys in 1966 at Lambeau field. So the Packers won due to a refs missed call. Kramer’s book was titled Instant Replay. This time it won’t be close. The Cowboys can play ground and pound and their defense will get some crucial turnover to the win the game decisively for the BOYS!

      1. It’s the fourth quarter in the playoff game between Cowboys and Packers. The Cowboys are leading but will lose the game because they have NO,Zero,Zilch pass rush. Rodgers has all day to throw and Cowboys defensive coach not intelligent enough to call some Blitzes. Cowboys will lose even with an immobile Packer Quarterback.

    3. Former Texas Longhorns defensive back Kenny Vaccaro committed a selfish dumbass play by taunting Panther player after New Orlean Saint defense had forced three and out with their team up 14-0. Panthers regained possession after stupid penalty and drove length of field to cut lead the 14-7.

    4. Sooner wide out Michiah Quick has low football IQ or was just afraid of getting hit after failing to convert a third and short yardage. A tough smart white receiver would have headed straight up the field taking the hit for his team. Some black players only are concerned with looking good individually rather doing whatever it takes for team. Wesley Snipes character was berated for this very thing in White Men Can’t Jump

      1. I thought Connor Cook had high IQ. In game against Alabama where Spartans had zero points, Cook throws a pick at goal line on first down in a two score game. Unforgivable mistake throwing into double coverage. If cook has not learned by now that you have to be aware of game situation, the he won’t make it in NFL.

  10. How is it that we have reached the point where NFL fans care about the opinions of Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler and Chris Wesseling who do the Podcasts?

    Chris Wesseling disrespected Dewey McDonald in a big way by stating “has any one heard of this human being?” One of the other punk commentators mocked McDonald declaring that he worked with him at TGIF. Chris Wesseling would cower if McDonald walked into a bar and approached him. I had never heard of Chris Wesseling prior to him calling out the Colt football player who dropped the pass on the fake punt play. He looks like he got picked on quite a bit in High School with his cute curly hair. Does anybody know where Chris Wesseling attended High School?

  11. Justin W. Braun lucidly explained why Dez Bryant CATCH was overturned by rule, however it was ruled a catch on the field and he was making a football play in possession of the football. It was payback for picking up the flag in Detroit game. Rule needs to be modified to give ref requisite discretion because most NFL players including Beckham thought it was legitimate reception.
    Cowboys can not blame the game on the the incorrect overturn. Their defensive line did not show up. Any pressure at all on Packer QB in second half would have resulted in Cowboys winning by at least two touchdowns. It didn’t help that Murray was careless with ball when he fumbled on play that would have been 6 points!

    1. Terry Hendrix, a prisoner in Colorado, sued the NFL for overturning a catch made by Bryant that likely would have sent Pokes to NFC championship game against Seattle who they had beaten soundly in Seatlle.

      Hendrix is mistaken. Des was greedy and his team paid for it. He tried to extend the play and bobbled the ball putting game in the Zebras hands. Had he gone to the ground maintaining possession, Murray would have scored through the autobahn opened by Cowboy o line. Bryant is stellar athlete, but his lack of football IQ cost his team a chance to beat the patriots in super bowl.

      Not surprised that a con would want to blame it on somebody other than Bryant. He probably blames his incarceration on something other than himself too.

  12. I am pissed that lowlife Pete Rose, who is permanently banished from baseball hall of fame, made money from super bowl commercial. Charlie Hustle “starred” in commercial where he was not allowed in the hall way of his own home leveraging the high negative publicity he got for cheating by betting against the Cincinnati Reds which was the team he played for!!

    1. Tom Killeen trashed ARod for being a nonproductive member of NY Yankees team and organization. If only Tom lived up to the standards of the man he was criticizing! Killeen can’t hold down a job and has been through a nasty confrontational divorce. With fans like him, it’s no surprise Bronx bombers are not even in wild card hunt this year.

  13. In a pathetic attempt to keep viewers tuned in, TV commentators were suggesting cowboys should intentionally lose to get the 4rth round draft pick in NFL draft while prick owner Jerry Jones was laughing it up with Redskins owner in luxurious private booth. The Cowboy players all consoled McFadden for fumbling at goal line. Will never pay another penny to go to NFL game. Like Steve young says, The NFL brand is in the toilet.

    Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli is the only person with any heart in entire organization mouthing the F word on sidelines after yet another blown defensive assignment.

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