Cars saved us from Horse Excrement


Wendy Koch authoritatively links deep layers of horse manure with the advent of hydrogen fuel cell cars in her USA  Today piece titled In search of the next Big Fix to combat climate change.

Koch, using Harvard chemist Daniel Nocera as her source,  explained that NYC in 1890 was facing a sanitation crisis when cars came along and saved Gotham city from waves of horse poop. These same cars, according to Koch, are now known contributors to the modern day scourge of climate change and global warming.

I just wonder if Chris Hayes could keep a straight face while reading such dogmatic tripe. I guess a girl has to make a living someway. Oh yeah, if the hydrogen fuel cars don’t make it to market soon enough, giant synthetic trees will save us by breathing in all that extra harmful carbon dioxide the cars emit!

Wendy Koch's miracle fix for global warming
Wendy Koch’s miracle fix for global warming



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