Cremation a Preferable Option for Overdose Death


I was reminded of Cindy Butler’s trying times with respect to life threating addictions after I read the Lisa Dunlap article in the Roswell NM newspaper.  Cindy, a resident of Connellsville, Pennsylvania,  learned through support groups how enduring the financial consequences of an overdose can last. Her son, Jeremy, died of an overdose back in 2010 at age 34. He had a free life insurance policy through his employer, which covered most of his funeral costs. He left very little debt or kiddos to raise, unlike many of those in Cindy’s addiction coping support groups.

Addicts who OD frequently deplete their family of money by robbing and stealing, and leave an expensive funeral bill as a financial burden on their parents. This makes a less expensive cremation a much more cost effective alternative. It also cuts down on the potential fraud associated with GoFundMe used to pay for unnecessary funeral costs.

The detention center in Alien City distributes overdose treatment kits to any citizen who requests one. 60% of OD’s are related to painkillers such as codeine, oxycodone, morphine, and fentanyl according to the well researched RDR article.


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