Diminishing the Intensity of Island Sex


“We do want to keep our uniqueness and funkiness,” said Tom Oosterhoudt, one of the City Commission’s five members and its only openly gay one.

Three guesses as to the name of the USA city that is referenced in the opening quote. OK, I won’t leave you in suspense any longer. The southern most city in the United States, Key West, Florida, was the topic of an eye-opening newspaper article way back in 2004.

The  gay member of the city commission used the polite substitute funkiness to describe the unrestricted wild sex that prevails in this tourist town. The article itself dealt all the libido and pressurized sex drive that was depleted on Duval Street.

To underscore the magnitude of the lascivious improprieties, the city commission had just passed an ordinance that limits  strip clubs, clothing-optional bars and X-rated video stores, and spells out that sex in public is illegal.

Note the language of limits versus absolutely prohibits said despicable behavior!  I guess horny tourists spend a lot of money in Key West which may explain some of the laxity in enforcing the laws.

The polar  opposite of all this was the movement in California to correct homosexual tendencies which I hope most cultured and educated human beings would oppose.


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