Every Small Town’s Dirty Little Secret


Children with hands over their ears while parents are screaming and fighting
Children with hands over their ears while parents are screaming and fighting

Jill McLaughlin of the RDR wrote an excellent piece reminding citizens of Roswell that the ominous cloud of domestic violence hangs over their city incessantly. There are an average of 17 families at the  Roswell domestic abuse shelter seeking protection and safety from abusive spouses. Yes there are women who abuse their husbands and children too! Not only men beat their spouses and children. 

The Roswell Refuge needs around 1000 dollars a day to remain open as it has for the last 37 years. They are trying to raise money by placing immobilized purple bikes in the yards of random Roswell residents. I suppose the purple imagery is intentional as bruises and wounds take on a purple hue. 

A teacher at ENMU welded the moving parts of the bike together, apparently, to make it more difficult for homeowners to remove the bike from their front yard. Forms will be included on the purple bike for donations to the Roswell Refuge. Also note the Roswell Refuge very responsibly does not publish their physical address for obvious reasons!


Purple bikes will be secretly rolling into yards across Roswell Monday, as residents wake up to the special calling cards left by the Roswell Refuge, a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic violence.
“People won’t know (the bikes) are coming,” said Executive Director Michelle Royer. “It will be a complete surprise to the homeowners. We want people to be surprised and chuckle a little bit, and we want them to have fun about who to send it to next.”
The purple bikes, eight in all, become something like hot potatoes.
Once the unsuspecting homeowners decide to donate or not to the Roswell Refuge, they will then get to choose whom to surprise next.
The bikes come equipped with a display and a packet of information and telephone number, explaining what to do. A log book stays with the bicycle to record where it has traveled.
Inside the packet the form will ask for a donation and include and self-addressed envelope.
A Refuge staff member will arrange a time to pick the bicycle up.
All money raised from the event will go directly to pay for operational costs for the 37-year-old organization.
The bicycles were donated by citizens in Albuquerque and Roswell. Dean Baldwin donated its time and paint to coat the bikes with purple paint to “withstand whatever comes their way,” Royer said. An instructor at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell welded the bikes’ parts together so they don’t move. Royer said, and Stan Sandhill Signs donated the signs to be used on the lawns.
The Refuge serves an estimated 1,000 area residents each year through donations, government and private grants.
“A lot of clients we serve are people who have no other choice,” Royer said. “We are what keeps these women safe and not homeless. We also see ourselves as a homicide prevention program.”
The shelter also helps different types of clients: shelter clients, clients for restraining orders, referrals, domestic violence orders, treatment program providers, and in-shelter and out-of-shelter clients.
At any time, the shelter houses about 17 families, helping women and children who have fled with as little as the clothing on their backs, Royer said. The shelter provides life-saving security, health and safety, a fully stocked kitchen, washer and dryer, transportation to get children and women enrolled in school and other services.
“Whatever they need to become independent, that’s what we provide,” she said.
The cost to operate the Roswell Refuge Shelter per day is $995.
The purple bike program will run for two weeks, Royer said.
To make a donation to the Roswell Refuge, write P.O. Box 184, Roswell, NM 88202.
To call the 24-hour domestic violence hotline, call 627-8361.


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  1. A problem with putting an unrequested object in somebody’s front yard is that it is a signal to rob that home if owners are away on vacation. Don’t think the battered women’s refuge wants that lawsuit.

  2. RDR crime reporter Jill McLaughlin deceitfully published “off the record comments” made by ENMU president John Madden regarding three mill levy election. Jill worked for the Oregonian and printed similar indiscretions there. She is a pretty blonde who would fit in better at Hooters. We all say negative things about people we don’t like that do not belong in the newspaper. Madden was right about referring to some of Roswell’s citizens as a virulent strain and scum who oppose tax increases which would benefit the city. He just made a mistake showing off his broad vocabulary to a reporter who can not be trusted. An eternal truth, John, is to never vent to a reporter that sexually arouses you. Your look and demeanor is a little like Donald Sutherland. Maybe you and Jill should/already have hooked up?

    1. Actually, Jill McLaughlin stooped even lower than publishing “off the record” comments by Madden. The RDR reporter published hearsay. She had heard that the ENMU president said elderly Roswell voters were scum, stupid, and a virulent strain. A lawyer would call that libel.

  3. Cindy Wilson executive director of Roswell Refuge points out that domestic violence is often generational. This means that many wife beatings are NOT even reported because the victims just thought being physically and mentally abused by your spouse was normal! Family members battered by other family members does NOT have to be the norm!!!

    1. I believe I speak for all citizens of Roswell as I emphatically laud Judge Alvin Jones for creating CASA which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates program.

      This volunteer program led by executive director Carrie-Leigh Cloutier helps kids raised in drug abuse, meth addiction families where one kids goal, quite tragically, was to be the leader of a prison gang. So obviously, a secondary goal was to commit a crime that would land him in penitentiary!

      Thank God to all the volunteers who give their time to help CYFD and Juvenile Probation kids trapped in abjectly miserable homes!

      1. Also warm appreciation for Roger K Burnett president of CASA which mentors and supports child victims of crime through the legal process! Community volunteerism is the life blood of this essential group who put broken families back together. Show up to Los Certitos Mexican restaurant Wednesday at 7am to show your civic mindedness for these poor kids who have no where to turn!

        1. Former CASA volunteer Jose Mike Jimenez shares the loss of his two brothers slaughtered in the kitchen of their home by a young punk who should not have owned a gun.

          It was refreshing to observe that Jose did not invoke the typical God will punish the killer nonsense one reads about in conservative small town newspapers. A start would be to eliminate relatively easy access/ownership to rapid fire machine gun like weapons. You can partially blame NRA for that. Sorry for your loss Mr Jimenez.

          1. Daina E Foster attacks foster care and adoption as a multi billion dollar child snatching Business. She ignores the fact that child abuse is rampant and poor people have WAY too many of them and cannot afford to take care of them

              1. Hi Mrs Foster,

                Would it be fair to replace the term attack with criticize? I read your letter and it appeared you had an axe to grind which I certainly find no fault.

                1. Child welfare system needs a big fix
                  December 15, 2016 • Dear Editor

                  “I am pleased that your article, “ENMU-R students give up Saturdays to volunteer,” recognized the public service of the ENMU-R interpersonal communications class [auth] and that my lovely youngest granddaughter was pictured front and center in the group. I am disappointed in the misstatements that advance CYFD and the corrupt child welfare system. CYFD isn’t the “boogie man” however.
                  The inexplicitness of “reasonable efforts” in the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) of 1997 enables state agencies to ignore mandates to preserve families before moving children to out-of-home placements. The children are on an immediate path for adoption.
                  The act incentivizes adoption and turned “child protection” into a multibillion dollar-a-year child-snatching business.
                  Closed court proceedings protect the wrongdoing of judges and the corrupt child welfare system.
                  There is little, if any, oversight to address the corruption in the child welfare system. It promotes the myth that children are in foster care because of an abundance of bad parents.
                  It has harmed children. Children that have been placed into foster care are five times more likely to commit suicide, eight times more likely to have serious psychiatric disorders, and more than two times more likely to suffer from PTSD than a soldier returning from combat.
                  For more information, please see fixcps.wordpress.com/
                  Americans can halt this surreptitious form of domestic terrorism by writing to our elected representatives asking them to commit to confronting the corruption and incentivized kidnapping in the child welfare system by implementing the recommendations of the late Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer.
                  Daina E. Foster

      2. For support with your addiction, try narcotics anonymous or close encounters of the clean kind at 1200 south Richardson in Roswell NM. These caring givers know what it is like to be a single mom in need of friendship and respect

    2. Ward Tilley of lansing, michigan gave that cajun white girl what she was looking for. They quit getting along and appeared before Judge Judy over cell phone damages. Couple in adjacent apartment reported loud noises early in morning and late at night which they thought was rough sex, but it turned out they were fighting. It sounded like “give it to me!“, but she was talking about cell phone not his huge swollen member.

      1. Antonio Mattox car mechanic did paint job over rusted surface because that is what he was asked to do. Tyron Harris of Athens Georgia was trying to pull fast one.

    3. Ray Ceballos, who has anger management and credibility issues himself, reports Roswell police chief Phil Smith’s naked son was dragging his live in girlfriend by the hair off the street and back into their house. Easy case to win for Doug Witt. He will find a couple of aggravated DWI and drug possession on Crunchy and his loud mouth face book posting homey’s record and Phil smith the third will get off with not even a misdemeanor on his record! I bet Ceballos has at least been charged with a felony in his illustrious Alien city career. Ray is a natural born whiner and complainer. We saw him one night at Buffalo Wild Wings and he was giving the waitress all kinds of grief just because when she brought out his order, she gave it to the guy next to him. The punk was demanding to see the manager and making a scene all consistent with the way he was shouting an cursing on FB….no respect for the dude!!

    4. Thanks to carmen colacchio and Lauren Neumann for making the public aware of dating/relationship violence, coercion, intimidation, threats and organizing Roswell refuge vigil

      1. The efforts of Kimberly Hansen, SANE(Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner), must be publicized and appreciated. SANE nurses are experts doing vaginal and genital exams and can determine if a muted or mute person has been sexually assaulted in a forensic sort of fashion. Kimberly performs the exams for Eddy and Chaves county.

        Hansen points out SANE is more far reaching than just processing a rape kit. She coordinates with law enforcement after the sexual attack has happened. She is mistaken about rape always being about control. I knew white women in Dallas,TX who paid black men to sodomize them when their husbands were out of town on business. Some women like being tied up and spanked and have more intense climaxes while being dominated.
        Certainly Hansen is correct in asserting that rape is an act of violence 90% of the time, but plenty of couples engage in rough sex to liven up their bedroom around the 7 year itch part of their marriage.

        She also states sexual assault victims can utilize title IX funds. Also thanks to Debra Swain and Kelly Smith for making the 1306 West College Refuge near Cielo Grande open and functioning in a town where sexual abuse an violent attacks on young women are rampant and NO we are not talking about Date Rape where the woman is horny and wants rough sex AND then calls the police when she really consented to the orgasmic orgy bliss.

        I would love to hear what Stacia Murphy writing for the thought catalog has to say about the fine line between enjoyable sex and criminal behavior. Some young girls like “bad boys”. Sorority girls who hang out in frat houses need to be prepared to enjoy the “Walk of Shame” while limping across campus in skin tight shorts.

        I do question the hollow “all thinking is relevant.” tenet of thoughtcatalog. So what if somebody was thinking about raping a Cowboy Cheerleader? OK, I guess that would be relevant to law enforcement.

        1. Even more spooky and depressing is the fact that many verbally and physically abused girls and women are afraid to report their scummy partner to the police. Mrs Hansen administers a non-reporting exam for cases like the Tom Krumland incident or if the perpetrator is a police officer or employed in law enforcement.

          Also the Roswell Refuge is doing a public viewing of the Hunting Ground where 3 sexy, hot to trot college coeds claimed they were gang-raped and got no support or punitive action executed by the University where high volumes of consensual sex happens 24/7.

      2. Ambra Lynn Tayor was found buried outside a house on the South side in the 600 block of Greenbrier Street. Police could only give a window of 6-18 months ago on her tragic demise. Richard Martinez-Sanchez was questioned regarding a possible murder/cover up. Call RPD at 624-6770 if you know anything! Ambra, from Albuquerque, RIP. A reason for the search warrant was not disclosed in RDR

  4. Profuse thanks this holiday season to Audra Wilson executive director of Choices. Choices is a concept for advocacy and providing independent living for disabled folks.

    Choice assists with social security disability, Medicaid, money management etc. They try to keep the infirmed in their own home or apartment.

    Six of Audra’s staff are also disabled which creates bonding and trust with their clients. Not certain if Choice charges fees for its service.

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