Father’s Attack on Daughter’s Coach Likely Provoked!


Cameron Smith writing for the Prep School Yahoo Blog opens his article with a misleading paragraph. 

An Indiana father is facing serious charges after launching a brutal attack on his daughter’s assistant middle school basketball coach for the coach’s implementation of an incredibly simple and traditional practice: He made her run laps in the gym.

What Cameron Smith failed to mention is that the coach likely used offensive expletives when ordering Shelly Miller’s daughter to run laps. It is also quite likely that coach Yackus ( very appropriate name for a coach who likely yakked too much!)  has a tendency, like many coaches, to speak in a disrespectful manner unbecoming of  a student leader. Moreover, there probably was an extensive history, i.e. Miller’s daughter had probably complained multiple times to her father about the abrasive demeanor of Jeffery Yackus. To rear a child properly these days requires an immense amount of patience and resources. One can not blame a parent for snapping on occasion.Cameron Smith formed a strong opinion based on written reports that frequently exclude crucial details. Sometimes physical action is required to nullify the aggressive behavior  of a bully. Some teachers are bullies in the class room as this Roswell, New Mexico parent apparently felt.


As reported by South Bend-based TV network WSBT, Michigan City, Ind., basketball father Shelly Miller, aged 37, attacked St. Stanislas School assistant middle school girls basketball coach Jeffrey Yackus shortly after one of the team’s daily practice concluded.
According to WSBT, Yackus had punished Miller’s daughter and another player who argued with each other during practice. Yet the only punishment that Yackus meted out was making the two girls run laps in the school’s gym.
It appears that pushed the elder Miller over the edge. When he went to pick up his daughter later, she told the elder Miller about her punishment and he immediately attacked Yackus and punched him in the face.
That first punch apparently leveled the assistant coach, knocking him to the ground, where Miller climbed on top of him and repeatedly punched him in the face and head until he was completely unconscious.

In fact, the incident could have been much worse had it not been for swift intervention by the St. Stanislas head coach, Robert Johnson, who pulled the parent from his colleague and helped transport Yackus to the hospital.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Miller was arrested on Class C felony battery charges and was held on $15,000 bond, which he posted shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, the school confirmed that his daughter and the rest of the family were no longer affiliated with the school in any way.
And to think, the entire incident started with a pair of girls basketball players running laps.
Incredibly, those who accompanied Miller to his arraignment defended his actions to a WSBT reporter on site.
“If the coach is [expletive] with your kid, what are you to do?” Wynter Goodwin told the station. “You can’t talk to him.”


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  1. Some parents are very protective. As an isolated event, the father should probably be charged with assault. There is probably a history between the father and coach that was not reported in the article.
    Many parents are very sensitive about other people disciplining their children.

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