“Gay Cure” therapy BAN a long time coming!


James Eng wrote an article regarding “Gay Cure that should have been written many years ago.  California has become the first state in the nation to ban therapy that tries to transform gay teens into straight aka heterosexual teens.

I can just hear the rednecks and bigots screaming that California will fall off into the Pacific Ocean because of their egregious violation of God’s will. Yes, these are the same ignorant folks who cheat on their wife and think they are better than gays because they pray for forgiveness.  Let the suicides of young teen age homosexuals, who did not desire to be converted to a straight lifestyle, weigh heavily on “these Christians” conscious. Some homophes interpret a gay suicide as a victory. These type of gay haters should be locked up for life!

The legislation banning “Gay Cure” therapy is a step in the right direction. I only hope the rest of the United States will follow suit and excise any law that prevents people from being what they naturally are at birth!

Gay Teen Contemplating Suicide

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  1. It’s too bad that articles like the one about Arizona State football player Edward “Chip” Sarafin coming out as gay are so common these days. If people had more of a “live and let live” attitude then these type of newspaper articles would not even be newsworthy. This athlete who never played in game during his five year career earned a degree in biomedical engineering and studies the effect of concussions. He was also a member of the cutely named “Scholar Baller” program.

    1. The words of Curtis Michaels in Roswell paper editorial should serve as an inspirational beacon:

      My fellow gay friends fear being forced to tolerate a ghoulish pseudo-medical procedure designed to make them “not gay anymore.” I know many do not believe us, and they never will. But our fear is real, too.

      We love you Curtis for putting your name on a heavenly cause!

      1. Dear Curtis,
        Enjoyed your piece on Tim Oracion’s 2500 mile bike trip from Canada to Mexico. Where did Tim sleep along the way. Was that intentionally omitted from your article?



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