Homeowners have to eat the Cost of Sidewalk repair in Roswell,NM USA



There are aspects of small town life that I really miss like how the entire community becomes polarized by the closing of its only public pool. Events like this create bonding and the unifying of like minded citizens, while also leading to nasty letters to the editor and city council meeting clamor and bickering.

The mayor of Roswell, New Mexico in the United States got tired of a very vocal group of citizens who stood in opposition to what they perceived to be a hasty and unfair closing of pool which had been open for generation after generation of Roswellians. His long awaited reaction was to indicate he was cool with a citizen’s group taking over the ownership and maintenance of Cahoon Park Pool.

The much criticized leader of the city also reminded his citizens that if the sidewalk in front of their house incurs damage from tree roots, shifting soils, etc, then all costs associated with sidewalk repair are homeowner’s responsibility! Mayor Kintigh does state the law is weakly enforced, but if it is, the city will do the repairs and bill the homeowner.

I wish mayors of larger metro areas like Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas were as informed as the Roswell mayor who is aware of the root structure of ┬áSiberian Elms in Roswell’s historic district. Their roots are apparently more prone to growing up into the concrete sidewalks causing an ugly and unsafe fracture. He also informs his citizenry that a better residential tree, the Arizona Ash, ┬áhave roots that do NOT move laterally as much as downward making it unlikely their roots will penetrate and rupture a sidewalk.

If you need more detail of the goings on in this town of population around 50,000 in southeast, NM, you can read about it in the Sunday July 31, 2016 edition of the Roswell Daily Record online.


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  1. Greg Neal of Roswell, NM wrote letter to the editor criticizing the paper of over publicizing the actions of the wife beating son of the Chief of Police. Smith Junior had multiple incidents of domestic abuse and had been disciplined in his position as a detention center officer. Neal speciously argues that father Phil is in no way to blame. I wonder if Greg also has a problem child and is trying to clear his conscious.

    1. Listen man, we had a daughter who was problem child. She was as sweet as flower and we love her dearly, but right around puberty her attitude and outlook changed in the most severe way imaginable. It was not just as simple as saying she was in phase or in her rebellious years. She was having sex with college aged boys when she was 15 and bragging about it to us even! She was up on all the birth control methods not wanting the responsibility of bringing a child into this messed up world.
      My wife and I had nervous breakdowns together. She lost her job and I almost lost mine! A friend with a similar dysfunctional family told us about Clearview Horizon which is a therapeutic boarding school in Georgetown, TX. We enrolled her there and things are looking up. She is riding horses which seems to settle her down. She hated horses, so the reform school has so far been worth the money and she even calls us on her own initiative which never happened when she was being a pain in the ass.

      For you to blame son of chief of police Phillip Smith for beating up his live in girl friend (not his wife) is a load of crap. We did all we could and our sweet baby girl turned on us. Be a little more sensitive with your opinion! Do you have children? Are all of them well adjusted and perfect LIKE YOU?!

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