How Much Can You Make off Monetized YouTube Video


I read a newspaper article that harshly criticized the mindset of getting rich by income from You Tube Videos. The tone of the article was the typical old fogey attitude that nothing worthwhile comes without hard work and planning AND get rich plans are doomed to fail , blah, blah!!! Old farts need to learn that you have to change with the times. No matter how much some old curmudgeon hates texting, Twitter and the internet in general, that does not change the fact there are unlimited web-based opportunities to get rich.

Everybody knows about the viral YouTube video showing little Charlie biting the finger of his brother. Last I heard, that video had earned over 150,000 British Pounds! Baby Charlie Biting His Big Brother

Even a relatively low quality video of some young guys dancing in the middle of Main Street in Roswell, New Mexico attracts a lot of regional interest in the southeast part of the state(Hobbs, Carlsbad, Artesia, Dexter, Hagerman, Ruidoso, Jal, Lovington, Alamogordo, Socorro, Alto, Capitan). I don’t know much about it, but these Alien City street dancers were doing sort of a hybrid or cross Rave Krump style of dancing. They were entertaining crowds during the UFO festival.¬†YouTube Video: Street Dancing Roswell, New Mexico

Understand that if you upload a video that goes viral, your ROI (Return on Investment) could be through the roof in a few minutes! In a time where stable employment is difficult to find, the allure of making some easy money with a viral video is quite enticing.


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