Is that a Urine Stain on that Hand Grenade?


Another humorous cartoon depicting the alarmingly high crime rate in Roswell NM was splattered in the middle of local section

Wouldn't you rather find a newspaper than this in your front yard?
Wouldn’t you rather find a newspaper than this in your front yard?

A4  in the newspaper this first Sunday of August 2015. This time nobody was injured or died unlike the police drug dealer shootout at Taco Bell. Roswell’s Bell, Keith, finally generated the eagerly awaited grenade in front yard drawing. The grenade was found around July 21  in the 300 block of East Reed which is another measure of how in demand Keith’s work is. I bet he has a long queue of cartoons and publishes them based on the RDR’s perception of Alien City’s pulse.

Mayor Kintigh, on the same day, told Vistas editor AJ Dickman that the city needed more boots on the ground translated as let’s hire some more police officers which is the natural reaction to upticks in violent crime. It is no secret that everybody is underpaid in Roswell including the police officers, but we really don’t know that a larger police force would reduce violent crime significantly anyway.

On a lighter note, thanks to editor Dickman for asking our Mayor about building a “full-scale water park(hope he means high end)” instead of ONLY a splash pad. Kintigh only endorsed a splash pad  to be located at Poe Corn Park presumably so east west traffic on highway 380/70 would see it,perhaps, promoting the city. Dennis never  directly responded to the question of a full-scale park which would be ideally placed in the middle of Cielo Grande Soccer Complex.

Finally, Dickman appears to be a cigarette smoker based on his leading question to our former FBI agent Mayor. Dickman queried ” Is the city’s smoking law too restrictive?” to which Kintigh, predictably, did not take sides.

Mayor Kintigh uttered Candidly around 7 times in the Dickman interview. Candidly means honestly to some folks. So we know our good Mayor was honest around 7 times! Also, I hope the Mayor ignores the  people who put up the Impeach Mayor Kintigh page on FaceBook. These narrow minded country bumpkins cross the free speech line when they ignorantly post such tripe on FB. Their idiocy is based on their perception that Dennis is not handling the animal shelter concerns properly.




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