Job Corps Provides Valuable, Employable Training for the Underprivileged


Vanessa Kahin recently wrote a very informative article in the Roswell Daily Record describing a community project performed by the Job Corps. The Job Corp is federally funded but privately managed by COI (Career Opportunities Inc.) I can think of no better use of federal funds than providing job skills for economically disadvantaged youth.

RJCC(Roswell Job Corps Center) is remodeling the American Legion Hall in Roswell, New Mexico while at the same time providing training to its students in the painting and remodeling, facility maintenance, and electrical wiring trades.

The American Legion is providing the materials and Job Corps kids are providing the labor. Painting and remodeling instructor Robert Gibson grades his students on the quality of work they do. He chooses  highly motivated students  to lead the work efforts while overseeing the overall progress of the project. All of the students involved in this particular Face Lift of the American Legion are enrolled in the HBI (Home Builders Institute) program at the RJCC.

There are around 120 Job Corps dotting the United States whom each offer a Penn Foster High School Diploma along with a valuable vocational education in trades ranging from automotive to culinary. Most of the kids in the Job Corps program, who also get paid a small cash stipend every two weeks, come from destitute, poverty stricken home lives. Job Corp students get paid a $561 bonus for graduating and another 561 dollars six weeks after they graduate as a reward for holding down a job.

Job Corps justifies its existence by producing employable graduates who can live independently. Kudos to Job Corps for helping to break the cycle of poverty!

Job Corps serves the community of Roswell despite high employee turnover
Job Corps serves the community of Roswell despite high employee turnover



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  1. The job corps is an invaluable service to the community of Roswell,nm. They take in troubled teens and adolescent youth from dysfunctional families and Transform them into contributing members of society. Sure, there are fights, shoplifting and various other misdeeds that many young people get caught up in, but this job corps center in southeastern New Mexico adds value to a region where drug abuse and poverty reign.

  2. Job Corps in Roswell is very troubled. They lay off highly qualified employees all the time. Two of their best instructors were fired for no apparent reason. A director that that went far beyond what was in his job description is no longer there despite the excellent work he did for them. He knew as much about IS as I did and could have taught a lot of the courses there. He even helped the nurses and appeared to be trained as medical professional. They fired Syliva and Lopez even though they were doing great work for them. There are many others who have been unjustly terminated or fired. I think DOL needs to know about the injustices going on out there! The same thing happens in Albuquerque where employees who take initiative to try and make the Center a better place for the kids end up getting canned!

    Hard working students like Adrian Rosales deserve better than the crap that goes on in both cities. They will never climb their way out of the poverty hole if the management of both places continue to fire competent and caring employees.

  3. You could not be talking about the admin boss that worked there when my daughter worked there around 4 years ago. She also knew about him when he worked at Krumland Toyota and TNT construction and said he was very much the trouble maker and has a hard time getting along with people or holding down a job.

    There were complaints filed with DOL and the center director knew there were issues with this man. We Googled him because we thought there might be a group action harassment case due to the number of people he had run ins with. He has accounting business in Texline,TX and used to work at bus repair place near ENMU. To his credit, he was a helluva nurse in Longview,Texas. He is talented but has never figured out that nobody is impressed with a guy that knows it all. He should move to bigger city and start fresh because there are NO secrets in small town like this and he has worked a bunch of jobs and word gets around.

    1. Wow, just a long shot, but I knew this unstable guy in Arizona who was very friendly. If you let him talk long enough, he would talk about all the movie stars he had known or dated. It did not take long to realize the dude was lying or hallcuninatin. He had problems with the board of nursing in Texas too I think. He appealed the decision to be suspended as a nurse and did not hire a lawyer. He did same thing with a traffic ticket where he got into it with policeman. Weird deal was he as alright, just a little off enough to have hard time holding down a job. May not be same guy, but hope you are doing well man!

  4. Does Job Corps or ENMU offer training or a program for employee benefits specialist? I think Devry does but one is not located in Roswell. One of the employee benefit specialists at ENMU used to work at Job Corps as a higher up he told us. He did not really want to talk much about his time there,but he said ENMU is a lot more laid back than Job Core where there is a ton of stress and low pay and a lot of disrespectful students who are always getting into trouble. Any info on a good school to be trained as a benefits specialist would be appreciated. Thank You!

    1. Are you talking about the new benefits specialist at ENMU(Bryan?) I heard he worked at the job corps. My sister was going to apply out there. He told some people that he worked there as an administrative supervisor after being promoted a few times. Reading between the lines he left there on bad terms. When he calmed down, I figured Sis would be better off somewhere else. I respect this guys opinion because he seemed to be talking from the heart. I was surprised he was so open about it and appreciate him sharing with his colleagues. A good guy.

      1. Brian was a treasurer director of budgeting and finance at ENMU. He is very competent and dedicated professional. He did not work at Job Corps. You are confusing him with somebody else named Brian I think. Cheers!

  5. Have a back door story for you about pine ridge job corps in Chadron Nebraska. We had purchased a quaint antique wooden stool from Zalesky(sp?) auctions. Grandma fell in love with it because it reminded her of Grandpa and his love of carpentry. A neighborhood kid tripped over it tearing off one of legs and screwing up the finish.

    A job corps student who knew the kid fixed it for her even restoring the original finish to where you could hardly tell stool had ever been damaged! I think he learned the skills in building trades out there. We offered to pay him but he said he was doing it to get his friend out of hot water with us. What an upstanding young man getting good training from a place that does not have best reputation in our community.

    1. I found this email googling for antique restorations done at lower price by job corps students. I sent him email seeing if we could work a deal on one piece and if I like his work, it would be steady income stream for him for many years as I search and collect all over the States! He no replied me. I also had no luck phoning him. Can anybody be of assistance here?

      Regards Billy

      1. So my bud Brian ended up in Roswell,NM! He seems to have settled down to a quiet life. At least it is cooler than Surprise Arizona. He hung out with John Travolta and was in a few background scenes in Swordfish. He really wanted a life in the limelight. He must have acquired interest in antiques later in life. Never mentioned it to me.

        1. There are many talented actors like that who work with big name actors doing background scenes etc trying to get break but never really breaking through. It is tough to be right on threshold of being famous and making a lot of money and then have to fall back and work an average job living from paycheck to paycheck.

      2. There is a Building Construction Technology Program at Roswell Center. But there is nothing about antigues in it that I knows about. I know about a Zalesky Real Estate and Auctions place in southeast part of Nebraska which is what you are confused about I am thinking. Roswell Job Corps in southeast New Mexico dude!! And ain’t nobody named Zalesky working that I heard of. Anyhow I can check with teacher or other dudes I know an maybe we can help you with that thing you need done. Albuquerque might have antiques going on.

  6. Three cheers for Las Cruces kid Isaac Chaparro! He took a class under master mechanic Eric Gomez at ENMU and was grateful for the efforts of GED teacher Aldana at Job Corps.

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