Judge sentenced to 4 years in prison for Corruption


Every member of the populace has cause to fear corrupt judges. A corrupt judge can ruin your life by unjustly ruling against you or somebody you love. Judge Anthony Cobos was sentenced to 4 years for public corruption charges including accepting bribes from local businessman. He also wrongly influenced the refinancing of 40 million bond project favoring a particular investment bank over other competitors.

Cobos, who was a county judge in El Paso,  begged for forgiveness and leniency, but a corrupt judge is much like a man who cheats on his wife. One can not expect the wife to ever trust her husband again.

Food for thought here is the certainty that for every corrupt judge reported in the media, there are around 10 judges on the take getting away with illegal and fraudulent activities AND who never get caught or punished!

Corrupt west texas judge
Corrupt west texas judge

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  1. The office manager of a Roswell dental oral surgeon is reported to have systematically, over an extended duration, embezzled in excess of $300,000 from the esteemed citizens’s medical practice and wrote checks to her children from the doctor’s business account. Office manager Sherry C. Eckel also fraudulently procured Botox and Juvaderm with the apparent intent of selling it or giving it to friends with wrinkle problems.

    The wife of a NMMI regent and JP Stone Bank Executive pleaded guilty in return for the suspension of a 9 year jail sentence. She ended up with a very light sentence of three years on supervised probation followed by two years of parole. Not sure who will supervise the former crooked office supervisor. Defense attorney J.P. Crow litigated for a conditional discharge of any culpability. The attorney’s weak defense was Sherry comes from a loving family. Hmmmm, how is that related to the fact that Dr. Ben Smith paid her a SIX figure salary which apparently wasn’t enough for her and her “loving family”. Stealing a lot of money over a 25 year period along with profiting from pilfered drugs from said employer has to be punished by incarceration.

    Do you think Crow would have stepped to the plate for a $10 an hour employee who had done something similar? B. J. has to answer that question when he looks in the mirror or wakes up in middle of night wondering why he can’t go back to sleep. How much was he paid for representing her and where did it come from?

    Finally, to what extent is Assistant District Attorney Kristen Cartwright, Esq. responsible for what appears to be an unequitable meting of justice. Whole thing smells like payola.

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