Mexican Tourism to Suffer Again During Spring Break


This warning from a newspaper in Socorro, New Mexico alerts party bound USA teenagers to steer clear of many Spring Break destinations in Mexico. I would be very pissed off if I owned a Mexican business that depends cyclically on horny college kids looking to get laid a few times a day during spring break.

There will be some very horny coeds who, of course, will ignore this warning by the US State Department and either die or cost their parents a lot of money in Mexico.

Why not just hang around Socorro and research the Zamora UFO incident. Socorro is not too far from Roswell in state that is satiated with UFO lore.

I know looking at a Spring Break picture of a sexy, red hot babe shaking her tush can be very enticing, but wouldn’t you rather be alive to finish off the semester? If you are going to get into trouble, at least do it in the United States and go down in glory like the girl who was caught on the turnpike in Pennsylvania doing something very naughty.

Also think about your parents who have to rear a child in such troubling times. You are making their job that much more difficult if you hall ass to Mexico and get in trouble.


Mexico Travel Warning
In advance of Spring Break, various authorities including U.S. State Department are warning against travel in some parts of Mexico due to the widespread criminal activity and associated violence. Violent crime is particularly dangerous in the northern border states of Mexico, but is a threat throughout much of Mexico.
Road travel even by day is not recommended in most areas.  Due to prevalence of road blocks, carjacking, kidnapping and murder in northern Mexico, road travel would be particularly ill advised to beach destinations on the Gulf of California such as Puerto Penasco, Guaymas, and San Carlos.
Of the popular vacation beach destinations, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Matamoros are the most dangerous;  Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeras, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas are less dangerous.  If in Mexico, do not expect public safety officials to provide the level of protection customary in United States.


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  1. We were at Padre Island in Texas for Spring break. One day the weather was not so good and we came across videos of Jessica Biel Twerking before twerking was such a big deal. There were two chiseled dudes watching and she had to have hooked up with one of them. Her ass cheeks were so muscular that they did not even wiggle much. VERY hot!

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