Needed: Public loo downtown


This was the title of an article written on the first page of the Roswell Daily Record by Noah Vernau. I will confess that I did not know loo is synonymous with bathroom or toilet. Mr Venau has some European influence in his blood maybe.

Roswell is a town of approximately 50,000 inhabitants in New Mexico and does NOT enjoy a public restroom. Local businesses claim that the absence of a public potty puts more stress on them to provide that service AND that, of course, elevates their cost of doing business.

Currently the burden of providing a place to piss falls largely on the Chamber of Commerce Kathleen Curtis informs us. Julie Shuster, executive director  of the UFO museum, weighs in by stating that our international tourists and visitors are very PISSED there is no convenient place to piss! (paraphrased of course) Dusty Huckabee, head of Main-Street Roswell, estimates the cost of a public loo would be around $100,000. This seems like a relatively low price tag for a measure that would definitely pay for itself by improving the tourist and citizen commerce experience in Roswell. Perplexing priorities exist in all cities. Projects that appear to be of the no-brainer ilk, often have unreported conflicts lurking underneath the surface.

Not sure what all the fuss is about because anybody, that drives past second and main street in the UFO capital of the world, can tell you that the building that was formerly Dennys, Cover Up Cafe, and curently GOP(republican)eadquarters for Chaves county would be an optimal location for a public restroom.

What is wrong with that idea? Oh well, the city has functioned OK with portable potties for some time now so I doubt if much changes in the land of manana. And thanks to Waffle Whiffer for the excellent picture of the Cover-Up Cafe!




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  1. We stopped by there when it was still the cover up cafe. Food was below average to average. The place may as well be a public bathroom. Roswell needs a place other than Cahoon park for gay hookups.

    1. Bob Edwards of Roswell needs to evaluate whether The Portland Loo public restroom kiosk that would provide 365 day/24 hour service to the city is not only graffiti-proof but glory hole resistant. HIV has been transmitted through glory holes. This needs to be examined carefully before the city spends any money!

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