Neutralizing Workplace Stress


One would be hard pressed to find better advice on dealing with stress in the workplace than that offered by Robert Half International. In an article titled Tense times: Overcoming workplace incivility, four tips to neutralize the effects of workplace stress are expounded upon.

1. Take rudeness for what it’s worth. Just remember that nobody can insult you without your permission. If a colleague is rude, then that says more about his insecurities and discontent that any problems you may have.

2. Don’t go it alone. This is the British way of saying do not bear all the stress yourself. Share it with friends and family to dissipate the anxiety that can build if you keep it bottled up.

3. Rise above the fray. You are not obligated to engage in the idle chit chat that can lead to destructive gossip.

4. Give yourself a break. If possible, get away for a quiet lunch over a good book. Separation from a toxic workplace can increase the energy you need to elevate yourself above the incivility. Vacations, of course, are like a nice lunch break times 100.


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  1. Chad Halvorson wrote an article about how to detect stressed out underperforming employees. Chad is a little too fond of catchy phrases like Keep ‘Em If You Can, Can ‘Em if You Can’t or if they are “dressing up on you” they are cheating by going on job interviews while they’re being paid by you.

    He did not mention how many bosses and employers do not treat their employees equitably or honestly. Does anybody know Halvorson’s background and what makes him an expert?

    To Chad’s credit, as a grocery store bagger, he devised an ingenious way for managers and supervisors to schedule and communicate with their employees. He understands the massive amount of miscommunications and wasted time existing between shift managers and floor employees. His attempt to eradicate inefficient practices is laudable but not yet proven to work.

    Mr Halvorson also erroneously argues that raising minimum wage will reduce employee turnover. If you are unhappy and making minimum wage working for a callous and mean boss in one place, you can quit and try to find friendlier employer somewhere else who will also at least be paying minimum wage. Think before you write Chad!

    1. Goomba Fasse writes insightfully about the vital culture sustaining contributions of neighborhood sustaining restaurants in Seattle Washington USA. He then goes on to talk about how raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour has destroyed these very prized neighborhood treasures. Many of these valued eating establishments now make less per year than a beginning k-5 teacher

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