OJ Simpson plus Trayvon Martin equals zero


      NewspaperThe justifiably indignant words of Herb Boyd that follow are hard to counter. Racism is alive and well in the United States. However, let’s not forget the outcome of another “White versus Black” case where it was the black man that was set free after he brutally slaughtered his white wife and her young lover. Whether you want to call Trayvon Martin the plus and OJ Simpson the minus OR the other way around, one can look at the two cases as a racial offset or nullification. Are you one of those white folks who always lock your car doors when you see a group of blacks walking nearby? President Obama courageously took a stand knowing full well his words would be construed as inappropriate for a commander and chief. He has a lot of backbone and just because he happens to be black, that is no reason to discount the validity of his stance that racism is still a very ugly and real problem in America.

Thinking about Martin, I recalled the words of President Barack Obama—who stands as the poster boy for those who believe we now live in a post-racial society—when he said that if he had a son, he would look just like Martin. I have a son who is an older version of Martin and is no less safe in a country where, in an instant, an innocent Black life can be snuffed out.
This miscarriage of justice—no, this abortion of justice, as one reverend might call it—was reminiscent of what happened to Emmett Till, another young teenager who ventured to the South and felt the full wrath of Mississippi’s menace and


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