Parent teacher fight reported in Police Blotter


A verbal altercation between teacher and a parent got so out of control that the police were summoned to Valley View Elementary School to break up a fight between the teacher and the student’s parent.

The difference stemmed from the manner in which the teacher treated the student over missed school work and was reported in the local newspaper Police Blotter where one can finds accounts of kinky behavior.

I am surprised that so few disputes and fights between teacher and parents take place. With so many incompetent and unqualified teachers out there, mistreatment and poor class room management only creates more possibility of teacher/parent conflict.

These type of conflicts are likely more common in poorer states like New Mexico and Mississippi. Carlsbad,NM , Roswell,NM , Artesia,NM , Jefferson county in Mississippi, Fayette,  Lorman, Mcbride, Perth, Red Lick are towns where kids have no chance of escaping with a proper education.

Teacher fights child's elementary school teacher over disrespectful treatment
Teacher fights child’s elementary school teacher over disrespectful treatment

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  1. Arville Sullins of Roswell must of thought he was penning unique insight when he pointed out there is a direct correlation between low income and crime. Mr Sullins also states that only a small percentage of the actual crime is reported in the police blotter and that our police officers are underpaid.

    We drive around town some noting the police cars parked in poor areas of the town.

    Also, I think Arville the guy who wrote the letter to editor is an excellent electrical guy who may have done some work in the newer areas of town.

    1. Sullins does seem to obsess about that crime rate in Roswell,NM. The jealous Mexican man who was out of work killed his wife and kids on 23rd and North Davis. That was five murders that did not threaten the couple walking their dog in that area which is my point! Around 90% of all murders are committed by family members on family members. We were walking in Cahoon park right by a murder that was in paper next day. I heard something, but though it was an automobile backfiring.

      I have lived here 15 years and am out in public all the time due to the nature of my job. I have NEVER had anything close to a confrontation. Roswell is SAFE Arville. Stay indoors if you want, but stop the fear mongering by overly statistical babble in letters to editor!!

      1. Sullins is at it again creating a list of questions he is demanding the city answer about Cahoon pool closing. Professional advice costs money Arville. Closing the run down eyesore swimming pool was right thing to do and the toy you call spring River golf course is here to stay. You should take up the game. You and Mr Clary would make a cute couple strolling the links together being protected by high dollar fence you whined about in your letter to editor.

        1. Roswell New Mexico Senior Citizen Martin Kral advocates a tax increase to 2 or 3 mill to build a family swim center at Cielo Grande. Martin, I live in a $350,000 home in North East part of town and pay more property tax than FIVE Mexican families in South East slums. Many of them rent and do not pay any property tax. We never swam in Cahoon Pool with the little rug rats peeing and pooping in it and yet I paid for the little monkeys to enjoy the facility! These are the same trouble making Hispanics that shoot off fireworks illegally after July fourth waking up everybody in the neighborhood whose parents don’t raise them or discipline them properly or run around unsupervised. I guess their parents are going to have to buy a backyard swimming pool and put it right next to the noisy trampoline!

          1. Hudson Boue’ tells the city and Its disingenuous mayor that Roswell can not afford a new expensive rec center and aquatic center swimming pool facility at Cielo Grande. Our former mayor Jennings pointed out in RDR that city wasted $25000 on consultation fee for reviewing 9 sites before concluding Cielo Grande is proper venue for unaffordable recreation center and pool.

            This is classic case of citizens who don’t use pool paying for poor people who blast their loud music at street intersections on their way to use their EBT cards somewhere. Sorry punks, the general obligation bond that will raise property taxes has a snowball chance in hell of passing. You will just have to hoof it on down to ENMU pool in your low riders since north side has no intention of footing your recreation bills.

            1. Tune into this station to register your vote for the most inflated ego in Roswell New Mexico USA. It’s a close race between Hudson Boue and Craig Abalos. They both increment their self absorbed counter by their number of letters to the editor of the content starved newspaper in alien city.

      2. Sullins gives the political science textbook definition of mayoral power and erroneously concludes Dennis Kintigh does not abuse his power!
        Arville, you remind of middle school student who made an A in their government class and then think they know about the real world!!

        1. The following list of benefactors, deep in Oil and Gas, contributed to former FBI agent Kingtigh’s mayoral campaign:

          MURPHY, MARK B $2,300.00
          MURPHY, SUSAN SCOTT $2,300.00
          MCBRIDE OIL & GAS CORPORATION $2,300.00
          HANSON OPERATING CO $2,300.00
          MCMINN, RORY $1,500.00
          HEYCO ENERGY GROUP $1,000.00
          WILLIS, RAY $1,000.00
          VETETO, MARK R $1,000.00
          CAVIN JR, SEALY H$1,000.00
          GEORGE, W PEYTON$725.00
          ANHEUSER BUSCH$600.00
          CHEVRON CORP$500.00
          SANDEL, JERRY W$500.00
          HARRIS, L C$500.00
          STONE, D BARRY$500.00
          HUNT, WOODY L (W L)$500.00
          GRAHAM, JACK$500.00
          FRIENDS OF CAPITALISM$500.00
          SCHUMACHER, RODNEY $450.00
          EXXON MOBIL$300.00
          ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS$300.00
          MANATT, JAMES $300.00
          MARLIN WELLS & ASSOCIATES $300.00
          HOLLYFRONTIER CORP $300.00
          PNM RESOURCES $250.00
          SUNDANCE SERVICES $250.00
          ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G $250.00
          WENNER, LAURIE $250.00
          NAJJAR, DANIEL A$250.00
          SCHULTZ, JAMES $250.00
          SHAWNEE DAIRY $250.00
          JOHNSON, MAX $250.00
          LATIMER III, EARL $250.00
          DAVID, JAMIE$250.00
          DAVID, EDWARD K$250.00
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          MILES, RONALD$200.00
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          CONSULTING DUO$200.00
          DEMENT, BARBARA$200.00
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          CASEY, FRANK$100.00
          DAY, BRADLEY$100.00
          NELSON, LAURA$75.00

  2. Tina Ramus fearful for the well being of her middle school son. She says RISD not nearly proactive in battling the scourge of fisticuffs. She was refused the position of playground monitor. They need to hire SROs with some balls to avoid student anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD. Thanks Lisa Dunlap of RDR for outstanding reportage.

    1. More brave parents, including Sheila Olivas, Sergio Gonzalez, and Heather Crenshaw spoke of the extreme anxiety and suicidal ideation their progeny go through in Roswell schools. Newly elected school board member Alan Gedde said he would pray for the tormented bullied kiddos, how about just kicking the asses of the parents of the kids who are doing the bullying? All the flowery rhetoric will not prevent bullying. A few bloody noses and busted lips might be necessary!

      1. Just a note that this is NOT the same Heather Crenshaw, 29, 42 Palm Drive, Ward, Ark who was arrested for sythesising methamphetamine. I hear there are meth labs in Roswell, but this Heather resides in Dyer County Arkansas

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