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One really has to admire the rational approach Nora Espinoza champions as a state representative in New Mexico. She espouses a bill that would give police officers the latitude to tow vehicles if driver can NOT verify they are insured. Espinoza points out that responsible motorists who pay for insurance foot the bill for folks who choose to drive without, at least, the minimum liability auto insurance that the law requires.

Also, in the well written article by Ilissa Gilmore of the RDR, Espinoza is an advocate of a consumer protection bill that will PREVENT subcontractors from placing a lien on a home without the homeowner’s permission or knowledge. This would prevent new homeowners from being screwed over by an unscrupulous home builder who did not pay off a contractor!

Nora Espinoza, a former Protocol/Etiquette officer at NMMI, has made quite a name for herself as an uncompromising, no nonsense supporter of common folk trying to scratch out a living in trying times. She really cares about her constituency and is the vigilant watchdog she promised the people who voted her into office! She is NOT a career politician and her district is lucky to have her.

Nora Espinoza's excellent solution to People who drive without Insurance
Nora Espinoza’s excellent solution to People who drive without Insurance

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      1. Because they are law-abiding, hardworking citizens and they and their partners deserve to receive the same health benefits as other workers (when benefits are available–more and more Americans work in jobs where they have no health benefits. Walmart is a prime example. They actually tell their employees to go collect welfare benefits.

          1. No, they tell ALL their seriously underpaid employees to use welfare, WIC, etc. Watch the documentary “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices.” It may make you very angry.

            1. I do empathize with your indignation about low pay. However, not all workers can command high salaries or compensation. If you did not finish high school or get trained for a vocation, then it is not the government’s duty to support you with even an average wage. Walmart keeps their prices low by “underpaying” their employees. There is more pressure to keep prices low for over 300,000,000 Americans than to be “fair” to 1,000,000 Walmart workers.

              1. You don’t seem to understand. Our government is paying to make up the difference between what WalMart pays and what their “associates” need to live on. Check out the documentary. this is the last time I will respond to your emails as you do not seem to be very cognitively aware.

    1. Dick Mastin of Alto is running against republican Nora Espinoza for district 59 house seat. I doubt Nora will campaign negatively against the Lincoln county democrat. Mastin touts improved and reformed education as center pieces for his campaign. Mastin was a minister for three years and has extensive engineering acumen.

  1. Espinoza is one of the few principled politicians left in nm. She wants to make it a third-degree felony for a federal agent to try and deny a New Mexican gun ownership. You gotta love that woman!

    1. Apparently you are unaware of the private gun sale in Albuquerque that led to the death of a health care worker in Pennsylvania. The buyer was from Oregon, where he had been committed to a mental facility and where he was not allowed to buy a gun because of that record, but because no background check is required for private sales he was able to take an innocent life. Read the article at . For years the NRA has stated “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” but now they are against universal background checks and a national data base of crazies and criminals. They now have admitted that they don’t care who buys the guns.

      How about you?

      1. Would you also oppose a private baseball bat sale? Moreover, you choose not to comment on gun purchases that help our citizens protect their homes and property. Most anti-gun types are one violent life episode away from supporting gun ownership.

        1. Universal background checks (private sales, gun shows included) are approved by 91% of Americans. I just wonder if people who are opposed to them have something in their personal history that they fear might cause them to be rejected.

          Your comment about baseball bats is just silly. You have to get within arms’ length of a person to hit them with a baseball bat, duh.

          1. I don’t oppose background checks as a condition for gun ownership. People with shady records should not own guns. Some deterrent is certainly better than no deterrent, but Colorado movie theatre and Sandy Hook still would have happened irrespective of even the strictest gun control laws. I suspect you have never been held up or had your home burglarized or invaded.

            1. Hmmm, more money spent on mental health programs, especially for young people, might help to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook– the same poll shows 82% of Americans favoring that approach.

            2. Anne Sheerin’s drug using punk children were looking for trouble and provoked the pentagon official. Dude should not have pulled his gun, but just called the police and had the scofflaws arrested for being a public nuisance. Anne obviously is not much of a disciplinarian and spoils her kids.

  2. Wayne and Sheridan Gluff know that Nora Espinoza is much more than a garden variety politician. They presented at the Health and Human Services Committee to be sure congenital heart disease were included in the screening practices for the newborn. Nora’s magnanimous heart will make it possible for many more parents to bring their babies home from hospital.

    What was not mentioned in the letter to the editor of the Roswell Daily Record was that this couple lost their son Ryan to a congenital heart defect. In his memory and because of their love of their fellow man, they caringly gave their time to help prevent the tragedy that beset them! Nothing but LOVE for these two civic minded folks!

    1. Thanks Nora for pushing through anesthesiology bill in nm house! House bill 54 makes it possible at hospitals other than unm. You go girl and we will have to see if you still got dem dance moves…

  3. The noise complaint against hotel room occupied by a Governor Susana Martinez employee is obviously part of smear campaign. The actual complaint filed at Eldorado Hotel and Spa had nothing to do with bottles being thrown, but was guests calling hotel operator about loud rough sex one could hear from balcony in another room NOT rented by our fearless female leader.

    1. Nora spoke just prior to Pence at Pearson Hall rally on NMMI campus. She is a ball of fire. She told audience she would compel us for ONLY 3 minutes on her qualifications for Secretary of State. She exceeded her time limit by quite the margin NOT giving her successor Roswell Republican Greg Nibert House District 59 any time to speak. Greg held up the speech he had written apologizing to his mom for not being able to read it! I know Nora would NOT have appreciated that had it happened to her. I will think twice before I vote for her.

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