Racially Motivated Fight at Roswell Job Corps


The Roswell Job Corps is good for the city and a great option for parents who are struggling financially to help prepare their kids to find employment and live independently. The Job Corps trains their students in a variety of vocational trades including electrical wiring, culinary, carpentry, bricklaying, hotel and lodging, pharmacy technician, plumbing, welding, accounting services, mechanics etc. Also I believe, if you cover the price of the parts,  the Roswell Job Corps automotive department will fix your car free of any labor costs!

Some of the Job Corps graduates go to work at Dean Baldwin Aircraft painting just down the road in the Roswell Industrial Air Center (RIAC), Farmers Country Market grocery store, or as security guards at mall. The Job Corps does an excellent job of helping to bridge the income inequality gap that exists in the United States by teaching marketable skills. They also will help you get a driver’s license and a High School Diploma.

The student body at this particular Job Corps in southeastern New Mexico is very ethnically diverse and cosmopolitan. Kids and young adults from Iraq, Dominican Republic, Mexico, along with the usual mix of Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics from the region and El Paso create the potential for racial tension and culture clashes. ( Read Lisa Delpit’s excellent book Other People’s Children ) Also some of the students are there on a court or judge’s order as a condition of their probation.

So it was no surprise when an article titled Racially motivated crime at Job Corps appeared in the RDR today. RPD spokesperson Erica O’Bryon informs us there were two victims and 3 suspects in a fight that occurred in or near a counselor’s office. There had been a history of altercations and conflicts between those involved. One of the victims was punched in the face multiple times but apparently a trip to the hospital was unnecessary.

The State of New Mexico is very clear on what constitutes a hate crimeand perpetrators of hate crimes will be punished vigorously and to the full extent of the law. This type of incivility will not be tolerated anywhere in the great state of  New Mexico, especially a federally funded entity like the Job Corps!

Very related is the well written article about the trials and challenges of being gay or lesbian at the Boxelder job corps. The article details the problems a gay student in the Culinary Arts Program had to deal with.

Racial Tension at Roswell Job Corps

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  1. The Roswell newspaper got this completely wrong! There was a fight, but the paper overplayed the race card. Damn man, give me a break. Sounds like the police department wanted to take the opportunity to grandstand about how they do NOT put up with racial intolerance in any form! The RPD is alarmingly undermanned and spend a lot of their time curtailing meth production. Be careful around houses in Roswell where you see a pit bull chained to a tree. Word is meth dealers want the dog there so they can shut things down in a hurry if the law shows up.
    Don’t let the newspaper account of the Job Corps keep you from sending your kiddo there. Every school has fights and crap happening. Enough of the pseudo drama RDR!

  2. Informative article, but the job corps in Roswell, nm does NOT offer pharmacy technician training. The Roswell job corps has vocational programs in Automotive repair, construction trades, Culinary arts ,electrician , facilities maintenance, healthcare , painting and remodeling, and protective services.

    Some of the job corps in the United States do offer pharmacy tech training, but not the one in Roswell.

  3. Job Corps is a great place to get free vocational training if you qualify on the family low income requirements. The staff and teachers at the Roswell Job Corps is full of friendly people. Some of the staff are gay and there is no gay bashing or homophobia going on around that place for the most part.

    1. Roswell job corps is safe place for gay students, but their safety runner was robbed at gunpoint near the G street entrance by punks wearing black Dickies style jackets who were occupants of a car with a quiet motor.

  4. Mary Gonzalez, human resources, of Roswell job corps has been investigated multiple times for not supporting her staff. They have a gay man working there who is not respected and treats coworkers unfairly. DOL has been alerted and the San Marcos company that runs the place will have to answer. The gay guy who is some kind of boss worked with my daughter at Toyota and was serious problem there too. He has a Polish sounding last name. Those students do not take the program seriously at all and it has such a potential to lead to success. They would rather smoke weed in the smoke shacks and see how much they can get away with even if it means threatening one another. Somebody got stabbed in a “riot” recently and a student was talking about another “ten times bigger” being planned as I write this. Not to mention a girl was raped there by a fellow student and it was all hush, hush. She got sent back home and thats all?! I would never ever send my child there, God knows if he would come home…

    1. Mary Gonzalez is incompetent hr professional. She is ignorant of 401K and does not know how to do her job. Many good employees have left COI because of her. She should have been fired long ago in the 90s when I worked there. She just cares about hanging on until retirement and hurts the Job Corps

  5. There is some nationwide interest about the publication of Job Corps annuals or year books. I believe the centers in Drums and Philadelphia Pennsylvania were contemplating putting out year books. I don’t know if it got off the ground.

  6. This reminds a little of the teacher at Youth Challenge who was head-butted by 17 year old student. Kid was arrested for battery. Some teachers are sarcastic and step over the line when interacting with students. Maybe Teach had it coming.

  7. Speaking of issues in Roswell schools, superintendent Tom Burris understands many of the “angels” at Pecos elementary school are very aggressive and out of control at school. Strong tough teachers are needed. Whining parents should look at themselves and discipline their little brats at home to make it easier on school staff to teach and do their job!

    1. Does anybody know if Thomas Davis, father of a former Mesa Middle school boy in Roswell, is Black? I asked because there are white foster parents raising African American kids here. Davis pulled his kid out of Mesa because of allegations of racial epithets including the N Word.

      Davis sent a complaint letter to Public Education Department noting multiple instances of his son claiming he was being bullied verbally with racial slurs. He was upset that assistant dean Art Sandoval stated Davis’ son was “making stuff up” with respect to the name calling.

      Daddy Davis is now attending school board meetings until RISD Super Tom Burris takes measures to eradicate the incidence of extreme ethnic insensitivity that exists at this troubled middle school on East Bland street.

      We know of substitute teachers who refuse to sub there because of the exceptionally disruptive and sometimes violent behavior of the students who come from deplorable, abject, and miserable family life.

      Papa Davis is miffed that Burris did not snail mail an apology letter to his son which he promised. Dad will never get this letter since it would constitute admission of guilt and lead to a lawsuit and a big payday ( like dog biting incident by RPD detective Prince)for a poor family living in the ghetto like southeast side of town in Roswell.

      I believe the name calling is a concern, but Davis knows it can not be prevented by simply training teachers and staff. Davis is looking for a way out of the hood by filing a civil rights suit against RISD for acts that happen every day to many children of ethnicity other than Negro.

      His son is now enrolled in Mountain View Middle School which is just as rough as Mesa. Hopefully, reporter Dylanne Petros will produce another well written article about the Black child’s experiences there.

    2. Who could not be enthralled by the initiatives taken by Pecos Elementary Principal Dr Barbara Ryan. She replaces mirrors with murals in girls restroom preventing excessive preening and posing. It was no twist of irony that the murals were fashioned themed created by female students. Thank you Christina Stock for best written piece the RDR has yielded in some time.

  8. Has anybody attended the Grafton Job Corps? Some say it is haunted by friendly ghosts from the mental hospital it used to be. A guy named Ryan Livernois who was student there knows more about it. The boss Mark Riolo is a friendly guy according to my buds in Massachusetts.
    He started at the bottom as a counselor, worked as programs director before getting his promotion at this service provider for at risk youth managed by Adams and Associates.(also run Atterbury, Woodstock, and Shriver Job Corps)

    1. I attended Exeter Job Corps Center back in early 2013 back when they halted enrollment. Did not hurt the kids that were already there. Some people were pissed at DOL for making cuts cuz they got laid off. I saw one of the teachers who got fired at mall. He was still mad about it. He thought center director could have done more to protect him since he worked his ass off for the place.

    2. Center Director Amelia A. Oliver of New Haven, Connecticut is warm and compassionate. She cares about even the most incorrigible drugged out punks on the campus. She is also quite sexy and intelligent. She personally examines all the new intake especially during the difficult beginning couple of weeks adjustment period.

  9. Senator Udall visited Roswell Job Corps and spoke with students and told them “he really believed it is one of the best programs in the country”. Lana Kite of McKinney really believes too as she makes close to a quarter of a million dollars a year according to a TV report. I doubt Udall even knows about how broken the McKinney job corps is.

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