Reconnecting With Your Husband After Deployment


Many couples are now reuniting after long periods of separation due to the deployment of USA servicemen in Afghanistan and Iraq. By first appearances, one would expect this to be a time of joy and happiness after many sleepless lonely nights awaiting the return of your beloved spouse.

Ecstatic Wife Seeing Hubby After Extended Deployment

However, as Jim Daly points out in his syndicated family column, military families face challenges that “normal civilians” may not be familiar with. He points out that Erin Prater has created a list of tips for couples who are struggling to transition back to their pre-deployment way of life. She, ironically , points out that a surprise party might not be the best idea for a welcome back. Laughter, acting silly together, and dating are probably better ways to reconnect than anything too formal.

Ms Prater also states that sensitivity is necessary with respect to watching documentaries, movies, or news reports about the conflict in Afghanistan or the war in Iraq. Many feel American involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan was a big time US Stupidity, but bringing up this viewpoint could, no doubt, reopen some very tender wounds.


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  1. My wife must’ve read this post. Talking about doing silly things, she would fart while we were in public and then put the blame on me! She would fart really loud just before we were going to the movies. People would turn around and look at us and then she would look at me like I was the guilty party! After a very lonely tour in Afghanistan even this embarrassment was therapy.
    You are absolutely right about formal welcome back parties not being helpful. People feel compelled to talk and end up asking you embarrassing questions that open up tender and sensitive psychological wounds. They mean well but there is still sort of an awkward tension.
    I had some erectile dysfunction symptoms after my tour even though I’m still in my late 20s. The silly and goofy times with my wife gave me back the same strong erection that I had prior to leaving. No more battery-powered boyfriends for my baby!!

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