So much Bad news for this Small Town


Newspaper     Underneath the more small town and sedate news, of city council trying to reduce RMAC board  of trustees from 11 to 7 AND farmers market breaking attendance records, two shocking and gruesome headlines appeared on the front page of this small town newspaper.

The body of a 52 year old woman was found in residence near Wildy street and Union avenue AND Todd Wildermuth reported a 30 year old required the intervention of SWAT team to stunt his shovel attacking ways.

Other than that, it was quite a pleasant day in Roswell, NM. This town has been just shy of 50,000 in population for the last 15 years and has a shocking amount of crime even though we feel quite safe when we are out and about never experiencing any of the nasty stuff which appears in the RDR including family member assaulting another family member, disorderly house, possession of drug paraphernalia, unattended deaths, providing alcohol to minors, check forgeries, Identity theft, and the occasional murder-suicide.

Let me expound a little more on the shovel attacking incident committed by Cody Allen Schneider in a home at corner of seventh street and Delaware avenue. Have you ever felt like taking a shovel to a nosy in-law or coworker? Hopefully, none of us ever will, but the constant stress of having that irritating somebody in your life by marriage or some other forced condition can certainly  make one crack.

We still do not regret retiring in Roswell, but frequent to constant reporting of such abhorrent news can mess with your head.

Too much good news for one day in Roswell,NM
Too much good news for one day in Roswell,NM

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  1. Roswell police found a hand grenade in the front yard of house in the 300 block of east Reed Street.

    Also cigarette smokers may be able to legally contaminate the contaminate the air we breathe if city councilman Caleb Grant gets his way.

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