Tenured Professor Fired


Tenured professors sometimes become complacent due to their protected job status. Otis B. Grant was too indolent to grade his student’s work, canceled classes, and apparently threw students out of class routinely according to the South Bend Tribune.

Laid Off Tenured Professor

Grant, a tenured professor at Indiana University at South Bend, was fired for misconduct and has no basis for the appeal he filed. Tenure is supposed to protect teachers from the whimsical actions of a power-hungry administrator, but somebody has to protect students from the capricious and unethical behavior of rogue professors. Maybe Grant should work as an underpaid adjunct teacher to improve his attitude and respect for his students.

Indiana University at South Bend has dismissed Otis B. Grant, a tenured professor, for “serious personal and professional misconduct,” The South Bend Tribune reported. Grant could not be reached, but is appealing the decision. While the university did not detail the misconduct of which Grant was accused, the Tribune has previously reported on allegations that he allowed non-employees to grade some student work, canceled classes, and dismissed students from classes without due process.