The Public Restroom also known as Subway Sandwich Shop


Back in March Noah Vernau wrote an article titled Needed: Public Loo Downtown in the Roswell Daily Record. Mr. Vernau was writing about the demand for a central public restroom and the burden of not having such a facility placed on local merchants. I believe it was disclosed in this RDR article that a public bathroom would cost circa $100,000 to build and maintain.

Today the RDR column Michael’s Monthly informs us that a Subway Sandwich Shop will open at 200 N. Main at the location that formerly housed a Denny’s. A point of  fact is that location was last a Denny’s around 7 years ago. It was more recently Cover Up Cafe and even more recently GOP/Republican headquarters for Chaves County. As the City Planner of Roswell, one would expect Michael Vickers to be be more current on the occupancy of the buildings in the city he manages. Remember, Mr Vickers, that newspapers are sometimes source documents for history books. Either you did not know the aforementioned or you intentionally did not disclose what some may view as embarrassing facts.

So I guess we should be grateful to Subway for saving the city of Roswell the cost of building a public restroom and local business owners can herd all the shoppers with distended bladders over to Subway.  I don’t think Subway is one of those establishments that expects you to purchase something in order to be allowed to piss in their restrooms. If so, they will have considerable problem trying to enforce that rule in Roswell, New Mexico because their centrally located sandwich shop will become the de facto public bathroom! The opening of this Subway will be a blessing on a Main Street which is chock-a-block with Mom and Pop operations who are reluctant to let shoppers and tourists use their restrooms.

BTW Roswell does not have a single Quiznos Sandwich Shop and this will be the fourth Subway. Comon Quiznos, take a chance in the UFO city!

Cover Up Cafe in Roswell soon to be a Subway

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  1. Don’t know if the subway at second and Main wants to be known as Roswell’s unofficial public restroom or loo, but it was during 2013 UFO festival. Jessica Palmer needs to be more responsible about headline alien abduction which was really the theft of baby alien sculpture.

    1. Jessica Palmer is the crime writer and she does not get to choose the headline for her articles. There is so much burglary, vandalism, and theft in Roswell that they were just trying to inject some humor. Lighten up on Jessica. Why so serious?

    2. Randal Seyler of RDR wrote that the city of Roswell is seeking bids for public bathrooms. The total cost will be $164000 with $150000 coming from the great state of New Mexico. Mayor Dennis Kintigh was quite vocal in his support for the funding of PUBLIC restrooms.

      1. We will be coming to Roswell New Mexico in the United States to see the famed UFO museum. We do hope your post is NOT SERIOUS about the sandwich shop being the “public place to poop or pee”. With the high volume of international visitors, the city or state would be expected to have no fewer than two public bathrooms, no hands, easy to access places to piss!
        Russians have their keen interest in extraterrestrial vistors as well and do not want to waste our Rubles on second rate facilities.

  2. Lisa Dunlap’s RDR front page headline article strongly suggests greedy business intentions on the part of KSBL employee Kurt Richardson.

    KSBL purchased a 51000 square foot parcel from Saint Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church next to Subway.

    You cannot blame Kurt for wanting to get a good deal on his land purchases Lisa.

    I wonder if pastor Lavonne Johnson-Holt, who is leaving Saint Marks, is privy to any dirt regarding this suspicious purchase.

    1. James E. (Jim) Goss stopped just short of disrespecting war hero Naylor in his letter to editor.

      Mr Goss would have preferred full page ads advocating business and financial news. The WW TWO Patton 3rd army combat soldier just had to compare his accomplishments to a young man whose parents are still grieving!!

      Is this egomaniac related to the NMMI Goss?

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