The TIP that Got a Waiter Fired


How about the waiter who was so proud of the $200 tip Peyton Manning left at his table that he  posted a picture of the bill including the Hall of Fame quarterback’s signature and the last four digits of his credit card. What made this server think that the owner of the restaurant would not find out? 

Peyton Manning is not like most Americans who have lost their job. He is still out spending freely after being released by the Colts. More evidence of the dream world that professional athletes live in. 

BTW, Angus Barn was really bad about not refilling our drinks the only time we were there.

It was a good thing Peyton Manning left such a nice tip for his server at the Angus Barn because it was one of the last the server would ever receive at the Raleigh, N.C., steakhouse.
According to the Triangle Business Journal, a server at the restaurant was fired after posting a photograph of the generous tip Manning left on a $625 bill. The restaurant included its own 18 percent gratuity, bringing the tab to about $739, and Manning added another $200 on top — roughly -a 50 percent tip. “Jon” was terminated by restaurant owner Van Eure for violating the restaurant’s privacy policy.

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t post a photograph that includes the last four digits of Peyton Manning’s credit card number (we’ve blurred them, just to be safe). That’s bad publicity for the restaurant. It surely can’t afford for the Raleigh glitterati to think that all their checks will be posted on Twitter.
It comes as no shock that Manning’s a good tipper. I’m sure he held the door for people when he walked in, called his waiter “sir” and pulled out the chairs for everyone at his table, all while donating money to charity and shaking hands with strangers.
No, the only thing that’s surprising about this is that a restaurant with “Barn” in its name has such a pricey menu.


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