This League City, Texas Mother not Prepared to Take Care of Her Offspring


For most of my adult life, I have recognized being a good mother as the single most difficult job in the world. That is why the words that follow are in no way intended to be disrespectful, but to indicate what can go wrong if one plunges into parenthood ill-prepared.

In LEAGUE CITY, Texas,  September 10, 2003:  Five
siblings were taken into (CPS)Child Protective Services
custody late in the evening  after police responded to a call from
a father reporting his daughter might be in danger.

Law Enforcement received a call from one of the girl sibling’s father in
Maryland. He requested them to check on
the welfare and safety of his daughter, who he felt might be in danger.
His PI  had information that the mother was planning to
leave the state and that she was using drugs.
Police identified the mother  as Brandy Crider prior to arriving at her Signature Point apartment in the 2500 block of E. Main Street in League City.

Officers showed up at the apartment again later that day and
found the apartment  completely disorganinzed/trashed and unfit for human occupation. Their findings included Spoiled food, trash,
animal excrement, dirty clothes, narcotic paraphernalia (including
dirty needles), and a container of gasoline were found
scattered through the home. Some of the gasoline had spilled
on the floor.

Officers could not enter the bathroom due to the putrid odor,  according  to League City Sgt. Glenn McCann. Crider was charged  with five counts of child
endangerment and actions to place the children in foster care was initiated. League City officials stated that Crider had a sordid history with their
department. The Maryland Dad who reported the incident to police is
the father of only one of the girls. Thanks Dad for helping the other 4 kiddos with your alert action!


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