Unforgivable Headline Typo


The sheer volume of word processing that any newspaper does will necessarily give rise to a minute number of errors, but the following headline typo from the Roswell Daily Record in New Mexico is unpardonable!  It’s not so much that I am so anal that I can not stand mistakes. They happen and we should be forgiving and tolerant.

The headline as printed in the RDR reads Liberal movement must the restrained when the newspaper editors most certainly intended to print Liberal movement must be restrained.

The author of the article, a liberal bashing conservative monolith, Bill O’Reilly, would cringe at the lack of prudence and refusal to proofread something as important as an article headline! I will belabor the point that the article could not have withstood a single error checking to have allowed this. I guess we have proof that many newspapers are so low-budget that they can not afford proof readers OR more worrisome that it was proofread and not caught!

I just learned that the headlines are entirely up to the publisher. The newspaper is required to publish AP content etc. verbatim, but have carte blanche to alter or spin the headlines in a fashion that is more palatable to the given locale. Roswell, NM is a bastion of conservative religious zealotry and the RDR is all too happy to print harsh criticisms of the liberal/progressive mindset.

O’Reilly needs to lighten up on the medicinal marijuana issue. Does he actually believe that grass is more mind altering and harmful than alcohol which is legal?! Make no mistake, we are under siege by a left-wing media blitz. Don’t worry Bill, Obama will be another one term president just like his predecessors. America will elect the Republican candidate and stop the nonsense and excess social programs that stunt the initiative for many Americans to work for a living.

Headline Typo

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