Unskilled Workers Striking


Strikes are a way for workers to unite to preserve or improve their wages and working conditions. Alex Ballingall wrote an article in the GTA section of the Toronto Star about the possibility of a strike by unskilled workers at OLG Slots at Woodbine Racetrack.

As far as I know, all the jobs at OLG require very little training and would be classified as unskilled. We had friend who worked as cage and coin cashier there. The job was way too mind-numbing for him and he quit after a few months. So I am surprised that the 420 workers would have any bargaining power as they would be easily replaced by workers who would not complain as much about the pay and working conditions.

The OLG employees are slaves to the current scheduling system which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to take a well-deserved vacation.

Also Toronto staff reporter Alex Ballingall meant decisively in the place of decidedly when referring to 40-4 city council vote rejecting a downtown casino. As many words that most newspaper reporters churn out, they should be forgiven for an occasional misuse.


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