The VA disability filing Dilemma


The brave, patriotic people who have put their lives on the line fighting for the ideals and safety of the United States now have to go to a little more trouble if they are seeking disability compensation for injuries received in the line of duty an AP newspaper article reports.

There is currently a 400,000 veteran backlog, waiting an average of 125 days for a decision, because there is no structure to the way disability claims are filed. The Obama administration solution is to require disabled veterans to fill out a standard form for either getting compensation or appealing an earlier claim decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs intends to create incentives for claimants to file via computer.

The dilemma is why should injured war veterans be encumbered by filling out a cryptic error prone form?  The law firm of Bergmann and Moore over dramatically calls this “The most serious, egregious attack on a veteran friendly disability claim system in VA history.” This is understandable as lawyers like to hype reality, if not distort the truth, in order to get more customers.

The VA counters with filling out a form imposes only a minimal burden on a disabled veteran. Also, let’s not forget that some “disabled veterans” are trying to fraudulently  get benefits somewhat like the lazy Americans who live off of food stamps.

While veterans who are truly disabled should not have to jump through hoops to be compensated, having claimants fill out forms adds uniformity to process and decreases time required to reach a decision.

The US is not the only place where veterans are not always treated as they should be as the following comments from Rick’s Rants indicate:

  • You’re a true Canadian Rick; when are you going to run for Prime Minister – I’d vote for you? Maybe you could straighten out our Provincial politics as well. When it comes to our Veteran’s treatment, I’m totally disgusted with our political system, especially when our senior politicians and our Senators can keep ripping us off having us pay through the nose for their golden pensions and then have our Senate keep stealing from us; where is the justice in treating our Veterans in this manner – dissolve the Senate and put these thieving politicians in jail, where they belong and apply the savings toward treating our Veterans, who contribute more toward our society, then all the politicians put together? CBA
    Don’t take this wrong way, but veterans in Canada are treated far better than in the US. I am a Canadian Army veteran & I know US Army vets, they are jealous of us up here, we get a lot more support.
    This rant while largely accurate, it is slightly misleading cuz the criticism is pointed in the wrong direction. The criticism is pointed at the CAF & it’s policies, it should be directed at Veterans Affairs Canada. The CAF is doing nothing wrong/inappropriate, VAC is.
  • There is amuch greater deception of veterans than this. Canada is supposed to be a nation state since the end of WW1 but it remains under British control.
    In 1947 the idea of a Canadian Citizen was introduced.
    In the British Citizenship Act 1948 a commonwealth citizen is declared to be a “British subject”.
    The game is rigged folks and we know who benefits when the wealth of the people is wasted on war.
    It is always the very wealthy who benefit because they sell everything from planes and bombs to boots and socks at a healthy profit.
    They keep wages low by telling workers that it is for the war effort.
  •  A military expert recently stated on CBC Radio that $500 Billion has been spent on the Afghanistan war.  How about a rant on how those tax dollars could have aided poverty, hunger and homelessness in Canada? Afghanistan did not attack, nor has ever been a threat to Canada and the U.S.  Let’s sound off on the fact the war is illegal and all the bloodshed has only benefitted the aristocracy and those vested in the arms trade.  How is the public any safer when the law allows repeat high-risk offenders to roam the streets terrorizing the innocent?  Remember on 11/11 that 95% of the victims of war are not soldiers but civilians.  How about advocating for a day commemorating all the noncombatants who have fallen?  Lest we forget Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Ukraine, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Tibet, Rwanda, Armenia, Nigeria, Iraq, et al.
  • We the Veterans and those who still serve are being treated like garbage. From the Veterans Affairs bureau who declines most( if not all) injury claims to the Canadian Forces itself who lacks the leadership capable of standing up to the government in defence of their wounded soldiers. Further, we have politicians who sent and continue to send us to war only to serve a political agenda! What did we accomplish in Afghanistan? We lost 154 young and bright souls, returned with countless injuries and destroyed the lives of these soldiers families. Feel free to stand in front of us while we fight the battle for dignity at home.



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  1. Ryan Lamke points out that suicide rates are already high for vets. He is an Iraq war veteran with traumatic brain injury. What is happening now will make it difficult for deserving defenders of our country to pay for everyday living expenses……

    1. Let’s not overlook the suicide rate for our young. Tessa Anderson,daughter of Angie Gomez, took her own life prompting minister Brent Clay of new birth ministries and Mom to elevate suicide prevention strategies in Roswell.

      One of the results of her loving mothers initiative is the Tessa Anderson Suicide Prevention Coalition on Facebook Also referred to as

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