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Many of the towns,villages, and cities in southeastern New Mexico have police officer shortages. Tatum is the most noteworthy, once going over a year without ANY police officers to patrol their streets. Hobbs, Roswell, Vaughn(whose police chief had legal problems of his own), Carlsbad, and Artesia all struggle with maintaining a fully staffed police force.

Low pay is one of the problems and not being able to do your job without the media berating you publicly in the newspaper is another. This, of course, leads to low morale and a decreased likelihood of retaining police officers for lengthy careers. I think the citizenry of most small towns  do NOT like a lot of turnover among the ranks of their policemen.

The following form titled Have you been the victim of a crime? was published in the general section of a small town newspaper in an apparent attempt to improve the manner in which the local police force conducts investigations and treats victims of crime. This police response survey asked about the officer’s attitude toward the victim as well as whether the police report was an accurate reflection of the incident.

I hope those who have been victimized and devastated by crime will take the time to fill out this form and mail it in. Also would be burglars, dope dealers, and other scofflaws might be deterred from future illegal activity knowing the city is on alert.

The following is a list of quotes compiled by Oliver Yates Libaw of ABC News regarding the depressing plight of our nation’s aspiring law enforcement officers:

  • You don’t move up in a police department the way you would in a dot-com,” admits Chicago Police Department recruiter Patrick Camden.
  • “You can get shot at for $40,000, or be home with your family for $60,000,” says Seattle police recruiter Jim Ritter.
  • “The officers equate pay with respect,” says Gilbert Gallegos, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, a national association of rank-and-file officers. Many are reluctant to accept a lower salary they feel is less prestigious.
  • Rick Baily, the city recruiter in Reno, Nev., where a new cop earns $34,000 a year, says he emphasizes the lower cost of living and less stressful work to prospective recruits, but he admits it can be difficult to convince them.

So the next time you get pulled over, please have some respect for that uniformed guy who is trying to make the streets and your community a little safer!

Filling out a victim of crime report from your local newspaper
Filling out a victim of crime report from your local newspaper

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  1. Artesia,NM needs victim of crime form in their newspaper. I’m proud of Candy Spence Ezzell for speaking out against the cushy accommodations enjoyed by the illegal immigrants at FLETC. Ezzell indignantly points out that these illegals will be living higher on the hog than our senior citizens and our war veterans.

    Also the illegals that will be filling the beds in the FLETC facility will not be stimulating the economy of Artesia by purchasing goods and services from local merchants unlike the the law enforcement trainees the beds and facility were intended for!!

    Roswell mayor Kintigh said the 8 foot tall chain link fence around the refugee camp is not secure and the illegals could escape and be on their way to Roswell in no time.

    Thank you to Ezzell for having the guts to criticize Obama for this security gaffe that will stress out The citizens of Artesia, Roswell, and much of southeastern, nm. The illegals could also easily end up in Midland and Odessa,TX.

    1. Ginger Kelly of Artesia and Gina Caggiula of of Roswell are speaking out against the injustice occurring at FLETC. I would ask them to consider what they would do if they were mothers trying to protect their children in extremely hostile places like El Salvador or Honduras. As a matter of survival, mothers are sending their kids North to the relatively safer conditions in the United States. If Gina and Ginger were mothers in these areas of Central America, they might be doing the sane thing.

      1. You can thank Melissa Crow for a lawsuit being filed by illegal aliens claiming they are not being treated properly at FLETC in Artesia,NM!! These illegal immigrants are upset they are being asked to clean the restrooms in return for free room and board at tax payers expense.

        My husband is a sick veteran an can not get proper help from the government while wetbacks from Honduras and El Salvador are getting free legal help even though they are here illegally!! A revolution is brewing if the government does not pull their head out if their ass.

        1. Two illegal immigrant brothers named Ismael and Esequiel Chairez beat and stabbed the man who fired them from the Cheyenne II Dairy near Dexter,NM. Word from the Dairy is that the two young brothers were hard workers who did a better job than some of the lazy white employees, but it was easier to fire them since the were not US citizens.

    2. Underpaid Roswell Police Detective Jeff Prince is looking for “extra compensation” suing the city and Doggy Saviors. Prince’s son Colby was attacked by a pit bull that had been released by the city to the animal rescue group doggy saviors. Lawyer Jones-Witt, not surprisingly, is stepping to the plate to defend Colby Prince. You can bet Witt will be asking for at least 25% of any damages awarded by court.

      1. Look for Doug Witt to “defend” Albuquerque attorney Elizabeth Honce who reported she was “mauled” in Vaughn after rescuing Max the German Shepherd in Roswell. Richard Rosenthal, dog defender, states he has been cut worse cutting vegetables than the superficial marks on Honce’s hand delivered by a nervous dog stuck in the back seat of a car on a long trip to Albuquerque. Would love to know about the financial health of her law firm. Lawyers are masters at exploiting bad publicity.

        Witt was the guy who represented the alleged sexually inappropriate relationship by a teacher and student at Goddard High School in Roswell. Hell knows no fury like that of a scorned woman, right counselor?

      2. Prince got zilch for his claims that his son Colby was “traumatized for life by vicious dog attacks”. Sammye Leflar, owner of Doggy Savior, was acquitted of all charges in pitbull attack. Chaves county prosecutor Michael Murphy did not really have his heart in the case to detective Prince’s extreme dismay. Murphy uttered the usual “we have to respect the 6 person jury decision” because he has to work in Roswell and wants the jury to be on his side for the next trial. I know Prince did not respect decision and was very pissed off. Too bad Jeff, you were going for a pay day you didn’t deserve. You have no scruples sir!!

        Many thanks to defense lawyer Gary Mitchell for seeing through the guise and BS smoke screen of Prince! Hell we saw the RPD detectives kid Colby a few days later and he did not seemed stressed out and traumatized.

        1. Sammye Leflar wrote voluminous letter to editor of Roswell daily record that surprisingly contained no contempt or disdain for detective Prince.

          It is common knowledge around town that detective Prince was going for a big pay day filing what was close to a frivolous lawsuit.

          Leflar was upset at the significant factual omissions in the newspaper and the fact that the district Atty. attacked her as though she was a murderer.

          Also Sammye mentioned that animal control supervisor Joseph Pacheco had her back during the entire over publicized witch hunt.

  2. M.E. Sprengelmeyer writes that Vaughn Mayor Roman Garcia terminated the services of police chief Philip Holmes. In return, the highly principled Mayor would write a letter of recommendation for the deposed top cop. Hmmm, wonder what potential employers would think about such a contradictory point of view by the confused Mayor?

  3. Henry C. Vasquez admitted that he got into some trouble with the law in Roswell,NM in his letter to editor of local newspaper. Nowhere in his letter did he state the nature of his offense or crime. Vasquez, alleging corruption within the Chaves county legal system, wants to be treated perfectly even though he got the ball rolling by getting into trouble.

    His weak logic is two wrongs do not make a right where the first wrong was committed by him. Henry, you want readers to be on your side when you won’t even fess up to your crime? Just stay out of trouble and then people may believe you when you claim Roswell has corrupted judicial system. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior my brother and your life will change.

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