What does one call a RBF Male?


Newspaper     I was reminded of an age old double standard while reading an article by Jessica Bennett. A sexually active man is sometimes admiringly referred to as a stud, whereas a woman with the same strong sexual impulse might be called a whore. Bennett uncovered another double standard while educating this writer regarding the Twitter,Email,FB,texting abbreviation RBF. RBF stands for Resting Bitch Face.

A woman’s RBF is a face that when relaxed or thoughtless is perceived as angry, irritated or simply a tad moody. It’s the countenance a person may manifest when thinking hard about something or perhaps when they’re just marginally meditative. I believe Resting Bitch Face is really more a product of inflated male egos who can not imagine circumstances where a woman would not be jumping for joy to see them or be around them. Egocentric horny young men tend to be oversensitive when every female in their path is not receptive to their uncivilized advances.

A balancing observation is that some women do get that RBF look when they have not had a tension releasing orgasm in a while. Guys get a similar facial appearance after gawking at spandex tight buttocks in their college gym.

The absence of a corresponding term for Resting derogatory term for male Face is at the heart of the double standard. I guess the corresponding male term for RBF might be dignified or considerately reserved.


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