Why do You Hate the Rich?


Bill O’Reilly’s article titled Hating the Rich  written at TownHall.com certainly makes some excellent points. His put up or shut up perspective, about folks who whine about their asshole boss or not getting paid enough for the work they do, is quite relevant in a society composed of individuals who have a sense of entitlement with respect to the workplace and government handouts!

My only criticism of the work penned by the sensible and charismatic conservative talking head is that he should have credited Thomas Sowell and his magnum opus Conflict of Vision for promulgating the notion of equality of process and equality of outcome. Sowell elucidated a significant distinction between liberal(progressive) and conservative when he declared liberals believe in equality of outcome and conservatives espouse equality of opportunity.

Put a little more simply, a conservative feels everybody deserves a “fair shake” whereas a liberal-minded type thinks everybody should be able become a doctor or lawyer irrespective of their native ability or intelligence!

O’Reilly grew up in a lower middle class environment, but his father never denounced or criticized rich people for their achievements. It is understandable that O’Reilly would write an article of this ilk due to his semi-(Horatio Alger’s) upbringing . He ended up a super successful exponent of the conservative cause and ideology. He speculates that his father would have excoriated the notion of income inequality. The fact that income inequality is even in common parlance is a travesty! People are not born equal in terms of their abilities, ambitions, and aptitudes. So it clearly follows that some of us will live in conditions of poverty. That is the way it goes to all you sniveling, whining, poor pinheads!


Hating the Rich 

My late father was a man of strong opinion. He despised phonies, cowards and liars. He named names — sometimes in very close proximity to those being singled out. A veteran of World War II, he recognized a weasel when he saw one.

But my dad never denigrated rich people in general.

We lived in Levittown, N.Y., where everybody had pretty much the same — that is, not much. We ate tuna casserole, hot dogs and Hamburger Helper. My parents never owned a new car.

Ten miles away, my dentist, a college classmate of my father’s, lived in Garden City. Lovely place, filled with rich people. My father frequently drove us through there and never said a disparaging word about the fine lawns and shiny foreign cars. America was the land of opportunity, and Garden City proved it.

But that was then.

Today, many Democrats believe the wealthy are bad to the bone. A new Gallup poll asks: “Do you think the U.S. benefits from having a class of rich people or not?”

An amazing 46 percent of self-described Democrats answered “or not.”

When I asked two left-leaning pundits about this, they said it is all about “income inequality.” They asked me whether my father would approve of that. I said he most likely would reject the entire concept of “income inequality” by giving the pundits the same advice he gave me: “If you don’t like what they’re paying you, work someplace else.”

And I followed that advice, moving 10 times in 15 years on my way up the television news ladder. It wasn’t easy, but if I thought my employer was hosing me, (hosing me is a lower middle class way of saying taking advantage of me or exploiting me) I began looking around.

That’s how capitalism is supposed to work. America is mandated to provide “equal opportunity,” not equal outcomes. The boss man can pay what he wants. It’s our choice whether to take it or leave it.

President Obama doesn’t seem to get that. He often puts forth that wealthy Americans are not paying their “fair share,” that somehow the fix is in, and the rich folk are gaming the system at the expense of working people. But for two years, Obama had an adoring Democratic Congress that did absolutely nothing to further the concept of “income equality.” The reason? It’s unconstitutional. The feds cannot dictate salaries and benefits in the private marketplace. Obamacare is an attempt to breach that constitutional wall. We’ll soon see what the Supreme Court says.

Capitalism is no beach day. The strong and sometimes ruthless prosper. The poorly educated and unfocused often fail. For many Americans, failure is unfair and unacceptable in a “just” society. But my dad knew and accepted the truth of capitalism: Some will win big, some will lose big, but most will live comfortable lives in the middle. Just as he did.


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    1. Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, states that Trump has no discernible political philosophy. Translated, this means Peter can not discern or refuses to recognize Trump is tired of working people having to take care of lazy punks who don’t feel like working and play the entitlement government assistance card created by liberals like Wehner who actually professes to be conservative.

      1. Olga Perez Stable Cox, a psychology professor at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, will never find a school district that will hire her after her taped rant excoriating our beloved president elect Donald Trump in a classroom where she was supposed to be teaching not preaching. She has history of giving students easy A’s so she can spend more time forcing her political ideology down the throats of her students. Since she works in an extremely blue state whose 55 electoral votes were the only reason Female Clinton was not completely whitewashed in General Election, Cox has gotten away with her bullshit until now. Thank you Bill O’Reilly for exposing this so called educator who inculcates rather than properly deliver psychology content which Tom Cruise rightly believe is rubbish. Thanks to the student of Olga Perez who recorded the attacking bable of the self-important teacher with four names.

        AVOID IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT HUMAN SEXUALITY. Just awful. Yes this class is an easy A, but if You would learn absolutely nothing about sexuality. This class was all about politics, society, advertising adult films, clubs, products, etc. and a little bit of simple sex ed that everyone learned in middle school !

        1. Did you read the piece written by ALBERTO LUPERON Stating the Coast Federation of Educators,who are a teachers union, might sue the GOP student who recorded Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox calling Donald Trump’s victory an “act of terrorism”?

          The Orange Coast College Republicans, a should be applauded for exposing the it on FB

          1. Brandy,

            I know of a guy in Roswell New Mexico who hates the rich named Craig Abalos. He probably is a liberal like the teacher you mentioned. His reasoning skills are very suspect. He wrote about some oversimplified pizza problem and expect intelligent people to construe at as some argument against the evils of capitalism.

            Based on what I have read here, he favors The legalization of drugs. All consistent with a middle aged, marginally bright Hispanic male, who did not make his mark in life and now bemoans his station in life as a letters to the editor celebrity.

            Craig, there is still hope for you to figure things out if you can adhere to the sage advice of Keith burgess jackson, the heart of a Christian inclines to the right.
            KBJ a huge fan of John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism And use of ethics to resolve difficult right/wrong problems. So was Spock on Star Trek when he sagely proclaimed, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.

            KBJ earned his PHD in Arizona and is an associate professor at University of Texas at Arlington near six flags. I stood next to him in line at double loop roller coaster and carried on about the pessimistic outlook of Schopenhauer. Keith did not thing his woman hating detracted in the least bit from the brilliant thrust of the world as Will and idea. About that time a cute girl with a nice ass farted in front of us which oddly appeared to turn him on. Most peculiar interaction I have ever had.

            Casey Rankin a contemporary literature professor at university of Pittsburgh is fond of Arthur Schopenhauer’s analysis of suicide and the various genres of villains

            1. Thanks to literature professor THOMAS C. FOSTER for his non-pedantic way of breaking down scholarly classical work. His comparing and contrasting of myth and religion is brilliant. Many deeply religious folks feel that myth is synonymous with false and don’t appreciate the association with religious beliefs they hold dearly like Noah and the ark which probably did not happen, but don’t get into that argument with bible thumping Baptists!

              1. Dr Thomas also does a very nice job of distinguishing between symbolism and allegory using Pilgrim’s Progress as the standard example. What is the difference between symbolism and allegory? With symblism there can be some doubt or ambiguity. For example does light symbolize Bright as in intelligence or hope? Whereas the allegorical character Obstinate in John Bunyan’s magnum opus leaves little doubt that being stubborn is his essence. Pliable is just that, but drops out of the trip to heaven when the first adversity is faced!

            2. S. Castillo,

              Mature people rarely make an argument personal. Something to think about.

              It’s not a question of “hating the rich.”

              It’s a question of understanding how dangerous a severe imbalance of power is to our country and the world.

              Money is power, and when a very small number of people (the rich) have a great deal of power over the majority (the poor & working class), the former tends to control the economy and the government so that it serves their needs, at our expense.

              Five men now have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world combined. That is a clear cause for alarm and the most obvious indication that our “free market capitalism” isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

          2. A not so shocking poll reveals that so called expert political pundits like Sean Colarossi do not understand that it is the winner of electoral college who is declared US President. His employer could not have done a background check, or they would have found Sean is too ignorant to write for a living.
            Another indicator of Mr Colarossi’s incomptency as a journalist is that he was listed as the source for articles like
            Hillary Clinton Has Huge Lead Over Trump just prior to election day! I am guessing Sean is looking for other ways to put food on his dining room table hahahahahahaha

            1. Sean and Slate contributor Daniel Politi have shocking status and followings given their ignorance of electoral college. Both are whining democrats who can not come to terms with the fact that their inferior candidate LOST.

              Senator Mae Flexer had somebody much more intelligent than her write “it is a relic of s bygone era” The black woman never complained when her bleeding heart candidates won the general election. Enjoy your chitlins during holiday season woman to help assuage the pain of LOSING to the DONALD!!!

            2. Smarmy, ignorant pollster Jessica Tarlov stated president Trump had a lot to learn since he is not a politician. Jessica lacks the intellect to realize that is PRECISELY why Trump WON woman! Tarlov’s pre-election poll also showed Hillary winning. Damn the people who pass for experts these days is beyond belief!!

        2. More liberal idiots ruining their careers. This time it was a gay male couple:

          Matthew Lasner, a college professor at Hunter college , revealed that it was his husband, Daniel Goldstein, who confronted and harassed Ivanka Trump on Jet Blue flight.
          The plane was boarding at JFK Airport, and both Lasner and his husband were removed from the flight. Lasner will soon be terminated from his teaching position.

          1. Matthew teaches urban studies and does his best trying to impart material given the fact that most kids do not read assigned text. He is careful about dropping criticisms of the president elect in class.

            He conducted all his lectures in an interactive fashion asking questions making sure all students were engaged. His grading is equitable and fair. I could not believe that he tweeted that his boyfriend was going to harass Donald trumps daughter on an airplane. More evidence of how out of touch NYC is with respect to personal liberties. Isn’t his boyfriend a lawyer?

          2. I speculate that Craig Abalos of Chaves County NM is homosexual. Why? Letters to the editor are easy to access online in Wisconsin or any other state.

            His self important BS was published in Chaves County newspaper where he directly accused Trump administration of homophobia as though he is trying to defend his own sexual orientation. Look up his letter Roswell Record on April 5 2017. His hatred for GOP oozes out of his Hispanic pores.He could learn so much about character and leadership from university heights students Alonso Perales and Diego Saenz.

    2. The curmudgeonalia.com writers favor Krauthammer and his insanely non reactive demeanor. O’Reilly is afraid of having guests that clash with his insular world view. Alligator abuse is frowned upon by this Key West hating group of old farts who fantasize about cheerleaders on all fours.

    3. When Jesse Watters takes over, Krauthammer will be an infrequent guest. The Factor will miss the abrasive demeanor of Bill and will lose some viewers initially, but Jesse Watters has an edge, albeit slightly less sharp, to his style of questioning. He interviewed Kristin Tate, author of Government gone Wild, has sexy lips and a nice ass trying to leverage as much as she can off of Girls gone wild where hot young college aged women have rough sex on the beaches during spring break.Julian Epstein got CRUSHED just like all the democrats who set foot in the studio of conservative talk show.

      1. Watters could could not pull up the word prerogative when debating with Jamila Bey about Walmart pulling the t shirt bullet proof black lives matter. I am sure o’reilly the wordsmith noted that as he observed his protege.

      2. Will quit recording o’reilly if he does not quit taking so much time off. Eric bolling is a level headed conservative who does ok, but bills edginess and aggressiveness is what we are eager to view.

        1. Jeannine Coatsworth Northridge California must still be in immense PAIN over Hillary being DOMINATED in general election by our LEADER Donald Trump. She berates bill for badgering and degrading his guests as though bill cares what a Clinton supporting Californian thinks.

    4. austan goolsbee liberal University of Chicago economics professor is another frequent stool pigeon guest of Oreilly.goolsbee tries to take credit for the coining of the phrase smelly rubicon. Bill uses him at a credible liberal progressive party punching bag.

    5. Did you see Bill rip extreme left Washington post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin to pieces? She had an intractable list of o’reilly GOP spin and fumbled through it when Bill questioned her. Jennifer needs to get some dental implants before she comes on national tv again. She was ill prepared, but was right about krauthammer being invited WAY too much

      1. Robin Jagoff I mean Lakoff, out of touch Berkeley left extremist, is a bitch that needs to be hunted after being so dismissive about Hillary’s flagrant email transgressions. Bitch,Bitch,bitch is back. Good job getting on the Factor Robin were Bill exposed you as attention seeking, needy human being, betting on shock value to win out against substance.

        1. Bill placates any perception there is of him being a racist by having super intelligent Stephen Anthony Smith on to discuss 49er quarterback’s disrespect for the country that pays him so much money.

      2. Could any of you hear krauthammer gasping or breathing hard while waiting for windbag o’reilly to finish his dogmatic questioning style? I like Charles. He gave the best description of the historical function ala de tocqueville democracy in america electoral college I have heard. It has since evolved as something to represent the interests of rural Americans

        1. I like Krauthammer too, in particular the way he invoked the term Solomonic when describing thug Daniel Ramirez Medina who was detained by I.C.E. and then called o’reilly a fascist. Medina has already been deported 5 times and has no rights. Kick the little bitch out of the country! Far left shows how hopeless their position him by using punk as their poster child.

    6. Harvard Professor Cornel West laughingly displayed his lack of understanding or disavowal of the electoral college recently on national TV. He called Trump a Fascist comparing him to Hitler. Bill could not contain his ire for the two black extreme left Trump haters.

      1. Priscilla Stuckey, who graduated from the Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, has taught in Arizona and Colorado. She is an advocate for the restoration of spirituality and the preservation of our precious Planet.

        She, like the gap toothed Harvard progressive ideologue, does not grasp the function of the electoral college actually suggesting it keeps white people in power. This election year it kept an old messageless criminal white woman apparatchik out of office. Thank god for the foresight and immeasurable value of the electoral college.

        Her father figure Cornel West got so many things wrong, including Trump getting as many black votes as black NHL hockey players, that he is no longer even a marginal liberal influence in our great country which is already becoming GREAT AGAIN!!

  1. I used to work at a furniture store in Roswell NM long ago. The experience helped me to understand the value of money. The friendly gentleman who ran the place was like a second father. Everybody that worked for Winston Corwin Quiggle respected him and other well off business owners. He would have sided with mr o’reilly I bet.

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