Yes Maria, There is a such thing as an “Illegal Person”


Maria Hinojosa’s columns invariably betray her Latino ethnicity. We are all guilty of being ethnocentric to some degree, but the flimsy argument penned by the syndicated columnist  in the Roswell Daily record can only be partially explained by her ethnicity.

The title of her article was There is no such thing as an illegal person and she writes as though her intellect is superior to that of Supreme Court Justices. All one has to do to refute Ms. Hinojosa’s tenuous position is point out that by an illegal person, one means a person who is in constant violation of the law. Illegal immigrants, undocumented workers or whatever you choose to call them are violating the law every day they do not possess a Green Card or a working Visa. Is that logical enough for you Maria?

The sad part is that Hinojosa knows what she is writing is intellectually dishonest and disingenuous and yet she still attempts to foist it off as a valid argument to be soft on ILLEGAL PERSONS.

We can remove all ambiguity by declaring that Maria Hinojosa is defending the presence of individuals who are in the United States illegally. That is a fact that she can not dance around unless she chooses to dance around amused Justices of the Supreme Court!

At the risk of sounding too callous or uncaring about the plight of poor Mexicans who are just trying to make an honest living and take care of their families, I apologize. Income inequality and poverty is a problem everywhere.  However, that does not change the fact that they are working in the USA illegally.



Maria Hinojosa: Syndicated Columnist

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  1. Murphy, a veteran Roswell Daily Record reader:

    The RDR has finally dropped columnist Maria Hinojosa. Actually, she was dropped from Kings Features Sundicate according to the paper. I always read her material because I was trying to understand why she was so racist. I always gave her credit for the topics, but her writing style has an edge to it. I wrote her several times when she left out very important information that I felt critical to the article.

    Well, my neighbor will be happy now because she stopped reading Hinojosa a long time ago. It appears that her material wasn’t appreciated by others around the country either.

  2. A headline in Roswell daily record recently: immigrant community feels terrorized by ICE.

    RDR runs risk of losing more of its fading credibility after making Jeff Tucker full time editor.

    Many of the “immigrants” in headline are illegal undocumented workers.

    ICE agents in Clovis are doing their jobs deporting illegals. I am glad ICE opened a branch in Roswell. Neza Leal-Sanchez of Somos un pueblo unido is a mere fart in the wind. He has no power to stop or slow down deportations. Hail Trump!!!

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