Autumn Leaves


A single and independent typist running a manuscript service out of her home in Los Angeles was duped into holy matrimony by a very smooth talking character played by  Cliff Robertson.

Joan Crawford’s character could not be blamed  for being inveigled into marriage with Burt  who covered his tracks pretty well prior to the knot being tied. Milly never verified Burt’s claim he was a section manager at Hathaway’s store,  but more lies and inconsistent stories helped her to realize she had bumbled into a marriage with a psychopath.

Millicent stood by her mentally unstable spouse who appeared to be drifting towards a catatonic state, but quickly transformed to paranoia when he thought  Milly was going after his inherited property along with his ex wife and father.

This flick shot in 1956 revealed a much more trusting society would give out room numbers to inquiring people at front desk.

The obscure title of this outstanding movie was a tune chosen by Milly at the diner they first met. Any review that rates this performance at anything less than excellent is way off base.



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