David and Lisa


This 1962 Movie was filmed in Philadelphia and directed by Frank Perry. The directing of the production was widely recognized as internationally acclaimed.

Two students played by Keir Dullea and Janet Margolin were enrolled in a school for the mentally disturbed. Jane’s  character had to communicate via rhyming phrases while David’s character detested being touched. David was extremely intelligent often communicating with the school psychologist in PhD level vernacular.

David’s Obsessive fear of being touched made one wonder if he had been molested by his father who had a fondness for camping trips without nagging Mom being invited.

The movie ended with Jane being able to communicate without rhyming and David allowing her to touch him.


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  1. Something that Dan Schneider did not discover in his review is that David and Lisa self-cured each other as you pointed out at movies conclusion. Lisa may well have been victim of sexual abuse based on breast fondling in statue scene indicative of sexual tension between the two co-protagonists.

    Neva Patterson, who was dominant overtly bullying her husband and trying with David, played David’s mother, but surely never abused him. I never quite figured out the insertion of the aggressive homosexual male student in the insane asylum type school.

    David’s predilection for watches and dreams symbolizing the stoppage of time underscored his acute fear of death.

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